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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Day 18/ Dr. Explains SARPE

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 7:38 pm Post subject:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is day 18. Spacers went in Thursday morning, and well my teeth are a little irritated right now. I do have to say that the spacers are no where near as bad as they were the last time I had them in (just about 2 weeks ago.) My teeth are tender, mostly just on one side, but it is not that bad.

I talked with my OS and asked about my SARPE and how it will be done. He told me that they will not be going through my palate like I had thought (which was a big relief for me) but through the outside of my gums (between my cheeks) up in my molar area to release/fracture the connecting jaw bones. Then they will make a small verticle incision above my front teeth, right below my nose where they will gently release the palate bone. He said while he is releasing the bone on my left side, he will also remove an impacted wisdom tooth I have. When he has completed the palate expansion, retrieved the wisdom tooth, installed the appliance, turned it a couple of times, and stiched me all up. He will then go after my lower left first molar for extraction. He says the whole thing will likely take about 2.5 hours. This is all being done in his office under I.V sedation.
He swears I will be in a happy place and not know at all what is going on. He says I will go to sleep, and it will seem like I'm immediately being woken up with everything completed. I hope he's right, as I surely don't want to feel any of this!

Sounds awful huh? Oh well, whats a girl to do? I guess it will be good that I will be having all of my pain at once!

I will post again when I get the appliance in on Tuesday.



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