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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Day Two in RPE torture device...

Let me start out by saying that I'm really disliking this appliance, however, with that being said, today is definitely better than yesterday. My mouth is still salivating a lot, but not near as much. I'm starting to develop some skills for eating, and while I'm not exactly sure how, the food IS getting into me with a tiny bit less grief today. I think it will continue to get easier as the days move on, and once it is firmly cemented to my teeth!
My ortho put this appliance in temporarily, as my OR wants to be able to remove it for the SARPE surgery and then cement it himself. Currently It is mostly being held in place by my teeth on the right side, the left side is pretty loose, and I can actually push it up and down. I feel like I have to be really careful about eating and where I push to get stuff out, as I don't want this appliance to just pop off before Friday morning, I don't want to take it out either though as then I would be back at square one for three days, so I will just take it easy and suffer.
I had a smoothie for breakfast this morning, It was actually nice to get something of substance into my stomach without too much effort.

On a happy note, the brackets and rubberbands the ortho attached to hold my jaw forward worked like a dream. I slept well, and aside from a bit of tenderness in my lower teeth, and my jaw muscles this morning I have no complaints! In fact, I'm quite thrilled that it is working! Just more proof that the eventual jaw surgery should eliminate my sleep apnea issues. Wooo Hooo!



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