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Friday, July 27, 2007

9 weeks Post Op

Nine weeks post op...hard to believe I have come this far already! Things continue to improve daily. If you look at today's pic and the one from last week a couple post downs, you will notice that the swelling has come down even more in just the past week.

This week has truly been the one where others have really noticed the changes in my face. I have had three people tell me how different things are. That they can really notice a difference in my jawline and that things look really good. The girlfriend that I went to Vegas with saw me today for the first time in 4 weeks and said "wow, your face really has changed! I didn't realize you were that swollen til I see you now" She said that she really notices a difference in my jaw line and chin area and that it really looks good. It was nice to have others notice and respond positively. It's so strange to me how much I love my new chin! I never really gave it a thought before this surgery, but now that its over and done with, I find that out of everything its the change I'm most thrilled with. My teeth are also looking much better! I'm excited that my braces may be ready for removal in the very near future.

I don't have much new to report this week. Everything is pretty much the same as last week, only getting less in all areas. Does that make sense? Swelling is less, numbness is less, tenderness is less, etc etc. Things just continue to improve daily. My energy level is back and I'm feeling more and more like my old, pre apnea self! Thank goodness! Life is Good! What more can I say at this point?

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  • At 5:06 PM, Blogger Tara said…

    Wow, you look better and better in each picture! I can't wait until I'm 9 weeks post-op.

  • At 4:11 PM, Blogger Mrs. Shanton said…

    You really do look great. Your chin is very prominent in this picture (can you beLIEVE it?) and it gives your face a nice balance. I do notice less swelling. You look young!

  • At 8:44 PM, Blogger Erin said…

    Your bite is looking awesome.

  • At 1:29 AM, Blogger cornelia said…

    Hey brandy, your smile and bite's looking amazing! You say your getting yours braces off soon aswell, must be so exiting! Im 6 weeks post op now and getting fed up with my braces already! How soon do you think yours will come off?

  • At 11:19 AM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said…

    Hey Cornelia,
    My ortho said at my next appointment (Sept 4th) that we will take new x-rays and see if my roots are lined up. If they are then we can start looking at a setting a debracing date. I have been in braces for 17 mnnths now and my roots were pretty straight in my post op pics, so I'm hoping that I will have them off no later then October sometimes, or sooner would be great too. He did tell me average time after surgery though is 6 months, and a lot of that depends on how much gets done before hand. My teeth were pretty lined up prior to surgery so mostly we are just fine tuning things right now.



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