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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Today is day five, and believe it or not I'm starting to feel a bit more human! Swelling is mostly gone when I awake. I have spotty areas like right above my left sinus area, and my top lip is still mildy puffy, but it goes away quickly. The bruising is fading pretty rapidly and should be pretty easily covered with makeup today, and I can actually see my cheekbones again! The stitches in my lower molar extraction have completely dissolved, and most on my upper incisions have healed too. I still have a few, especially in the front that are tender, but things seems to be progressing along at a pretty rapid pace. I also think that I have received the benefit of increase airflow through my sinuses. They have been clearer than ever and I haven't had any problems with breathing issues at all. In fact I haven't had any real issues especially since I took things into my own hands last night (see below.)

Ok.....I must confess, yesterday was a very bad day for me. I had thought that it was the expansion process causing problems but I figured out later last night (after 3 days of non-stop, constant, pressure pain) that it was that blasted powerchain on my front teeth. I have been absolutely miserable since my ortho put that thing on my front teeth. At about 11:00pm last night I reached my saturation point. I couldn't stand it anymore so I took it off ! OMG! instant relief, it was truly amazing how much better my teeth felt once that tini tiny piece of rubber was removed. I slept great, no drooling at all!, and expansion this morning was a piece of cake. I felt the pressure but it was not annoying and only lasted about 10-15 minutes. Oh...and the most exciting news. Even after only 5 turns, I can see my upper arch and smile getting bigger! That was totally cool!

For those of you who will be having this surgery, understand that my discomfort was from my archwire and powerchain and not the SARPE procedure, or expansion itself. If you don't have these then you should be fine!

This sounds bad, but my ortho has a ton of patients. When you come in to his office they have a welcome sign for the new ones with their names on it. Every day there is at least 8-10 new ones listed. Originially my ortho and I had talked about my gap and he had told me out how he could put a chain on it and then it wouldn't get so big. I was like ok.....then I did a bunch of research and couldn't find anything on it, and Dr. J. didn't really support it either so I told him to not worry about it that I would just learn to love the gap and be ok with it for awhile.
Well.....I think he makes very detailed notes in the patient files so he remembers stuff, and I think the information from our original conversation about putting the chain on for aesthetic reasons was in my chart. I'm sure that he read it and then just told the assistant to put the chain on.

Personally I feel better with the powerchain off, and since they can close the gap later, I'm not going to worry about it. When I go in for my appt on the 27th after expansion I'm going to tell him I took it off because after three days of constant non- stop pain it was just unbearable for me to wear. I'm also going to talk with him about going slow on some of this stuff. I think my teeth are pretty sensitive to pain, even the really flimsy wires really make my teeth ache. When I told him that the other day he was like "really, those hardly apply any force" and was very surprised. I think we just need to go slow, even if that means my surgery is not going to be in May 2007 but at a later date. I'm prepared to suffer for what I want, but I can't function when the pain is neverending for weeks at a time, and I'm not a person that likes to take medicine. I rarely if ever take advil or anything else. It's vitamins for me and thats it, so all this medication has me feeling sorta blah! Anyway....things are definitely on the upside now.


  • At 5:39 PM, Blogger Graham said…

    Wow, very interesting post Brandy. Unfortunate that the chain gave you that much discomfort, and I agree that it seems a little counterintuitive having it on when the point is to widen your arch. The opposing forces from the RPE and the chain do sound like too much to handle, aesthetics aside. On the upside I'm thrilled to hear that the swelling and bruising is disappearing! And the easy expansion too. Have you tried to turn it yourself at all?

  • At 9:27 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said…

    Hey Graham,
    No I haven't tried to turn it myself as it just sortof freaks me out. I think my appliance is a little different than yours and that the keys to each type must be different. One of my students has one and she says that her mom is constantly poking the roof of her mouth with the key. My key doesn't do that. It is pretty short, my husband has to put the key in the hole, turn it 15 degrees clockwise, then pushes down on it, which makes the expansion happen. Because of the shape of the key it can't/doesn't come anywhere near the roof of my mouth.

    I called my ortho and scheduled an appt on Tuesday the 14th as he is leaving town that afternoon until the 27th. I stop keying my appliance on the 19th. I want to be sure the amount of space/turns he calcuated are going to be enough, as if I stop turning the 19th and its not enough, then I'm screwed because I can't start cranking again a week later when he gets back. Know what I mean? I also told them I took the chain off as I couldn't take the pressure from it anymore. I honestly don't care if I get a gap,I just don't want the pain that goes with it. I already have pressure from the archwire, I don't need more! I will post what he says about my expansion on Tuesday, by then I will have turned the key 19 times. I can tell a difference already though, my bite changes by 1/2mm each day now.



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