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Sunday, March 05, 2006

SARPE 48hrs Post Op.

Slept well again last night, but woke up about 8:30 this morning in a bit of pain. Nothing major mind you, just more achey than anything. I could feel my stiches sortof burning a little bit, and my upper arch just sorta ached. One of my band hooks had smashed into my sore cheek area while sleeping and was aggravating me a lot. I put some wax on it,took 3 advil, another penicillin tablet, and within 15 minutes was back to sleep. Swelling is increasing a bit as forwarned by the doctor, but not as bad as I had thought. It is worse upon waking but does tone down considerably after about an hour. Upon waking I have been applying ice, then getting a shower. Today the swelling on the right has started to go down in the sinus area, on the left (where my wisdom tooth was extracted) it had extended up to my lower eye area. I had anticipated some extra swelling and bruising on this side, due to the extractions of my wisdom tooth and lower molar, so it would appear that things are following true to course. I have started to bruise quite a bit, however, I might add that I bruise very easily so I was not surprised by this part at all. If you look closely you can see the darker areas above my lip and on my lower cheek. I could feel the one bruise on my right cheek yesterday even though I couldn't see it. They are now just becoming visible across my upper lip area and lower cheek areas. I did have some slight bruising under my eyes also like a very mild black eye upon waking this morning.

Other than this things are going fine. I'm eating well, mostly mashed potatoes and soft foods, and drinking lots of ice water. My son made a yummy cheesecake yesterday, and while I normally don't indulge in such high calorie, high fat food, it tasted like a piece of heaven and was a welcome taste treat! It was also very easy to eat with its creamy smooth texture. Brushing my teeth is a bit weird as I still can't really feel my upper arch. Hard to know if you are really getting them clean when you can't feel the toothbrush on them! I have also been rinsing with warm salt water rinses at regular intervals.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the ortho and will begin the keying of my RPE. I'm hoping it doesn't hurt and that I will be able to get my swollen mouth open enough for him to even see the appliance LOL... I will post on swelling and follow up from the keying lessons upon my return tomorrow. The OS said tomorrow would be the worst for swelling so I'm curious to see if it gets worse, or stays about the same.

Swelling 48hrs Post op


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