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Monday, March 06, 2006

SARPE 72 Hours Post Op./ Expansion Begins

Today is day three after surgery and as predicted swelling was pretty bad upon waking this morning. I also have very bad bruising which is much more apparent today. I look like I went a couple of rounds in the boxing ring with my opponent clearly getting the better of me. Pain is still very minimal, nothing that advil can't fix, and my whole upper arch remains pretty much numb. Chewing is pretty weird, as I really can't feel my teeth. I do have some slight tingling going on in places though, sorta like when novacaine is wearing off. Supposedly that is a good thing as that means the nerves are starting to regenerate. I didn't sleep as well last night, and had a slight lingering headache until falling asleep, but other than that the achiness seems to be subsiding a little. The ortho seems to think I look remarkably well (I'm sure he says that to everyone that looks like death!) and instructed me to begin using warm compresses and no more ice today. He said to apply them 10 minutes on, then 10 minutes off, and that this will increase the circulation and reduce the swelling pretty rapidly. Mostly in the pics I look very bruised, (remember that I bruise very easily though!) however, swelling is really pretty minimal. Due in part (I think) to my constant icing on day one. (see swelling pics below.)

Right out of bed

After shower,Ice, and Makeup

After getting up and ready to go I went to the ortho this morning and received a couple surprises (definitely NOT what you want after having someone take a chisel to your facial skeleton.) Seems that my OS did not cement my appliance in place so my ortho had to remove it and cement it in. It wasn't painful but I could feel slight pressure and it started to ache a bit without the appliance to hold everything where it needs to be. Once getting it fitted and properly in place he showed my husband how to turn the key and my expansion process was started. Now not only am I dependent on my darling husband for the next 15 days, but he can take out his frustrations on me, twice daily with simply the turn of a key! I ask you.... How messed up is that? LOL..
We will be cranking this torture device 30 times, twice per day, before stopping. It is a pretty hard feeling to describe. Not painful, but definitely weird. The Orthodontist turned the crank a couple of times, and I instantly felt pressure on the sides of my mouth, and through my sinuses. Just pressure, not pain. I do have a mild headache again though, and just took 3 advil to help with it. I have not had any coffee yet today though, so it could very well be just a caffeine headache!

Next he put a new archwire in my top brackets, and put a pink powerchain on my front teeth. He said that I will still be getting a gap, but it will not be as big with this powerchain on. I know we had talked about him not chaining the gap, but I'm trusting that he knows what he is doing and that everything will be fine. He did tell me that the new archwire will make my teeth hurt by tomorrow, and that the powerchain will feel like increased pressure too. Does he think that this whole SARPE thing hasn't been aggravating enough?? It's like he just wants to keep piling on the pain, or else see if he can make me hurt more! All I know is that I'm starting to think that orthodontists in general are the spawn of Satan! Here is a pic of my new pink powerchain. I will be posting the expansion as well, but rather than doing it daily I will wait and post every few days.


  • At 3:52 PM, Blogger Graham said…

    How long does the weird feeling last when you do a turn in the RPE?

    I have to wonder if my RPE is a little loose. I can't tell if it's my teeth that are loose or the expander. If I bite down too hard it hurts a little. My OD is in Florida this week. (sigh) I doesn't look loose at least. Anyway, that's not too cool of your OS for not cementing it in!

    Spawn of Satan huh? Hmm. Well if you can fight Satan with Advil then he must be an easy enemy to deal with. :o) Point taken though.

  • At 4:40 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said…

    LOL Graham,
    Actually the sensation of pressure from turning doesn't seem like it lasts too long. I'm not really noticing it too much anymore, I mostly just feel the pressure from my new archwire and powerchain. I will pay attention to it more when we turn the key again tonight and let you know more tomorrow.

    I have been using the warm moist heat like the ortho suggested and it seems to help relieve the pressure irritation too so that is a plus. I took a pillow case and filled it with about 4 cups of raw rice, tied a knot in it, and zapped it in the microwave. I then put a wet washcloth over it. It makes for a great "moist heat" hot pack, and stays warm for quite awhile. It also conforms to the shape of your face so that is a bit plus too.

    As for your RPE being loose. Hmmm...Mine feels good and snug, truthfully I had no idea that my appliance was not cemented until my ortho told me. It was in good and tight in my mouth after the surgery. Ortho said that its important to have them cemented in nice and tight before the expanding begins as if they pop off during the expansion it can be a real pain. Since they haven't actually begun expanding on you, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just talk with your ortho when he gets back. I have ready that some people have had problems with their bands not fitting properly though, maybe that is what is going on with you, and perhaps why it is uncomfortable. :(


  • At 1:47 PM, Blogger ~I said…

    Hey Brandy,
    It's Jaw Ajar again. This is going way back for you I guess, but I'm wondering how you have braces at the same time as your SARPE. It looks like I'll be doing splint therapy for a few months, then SARPE, then braces, then surgery... What a LONG process it will be. Did you get to double up? Would you recommend it?


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