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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ahhhh.....Pokey Archwire Relief & Other Medical Minutia

I ran to the ortho today. I had a piece of barbed wire stabbing into the area behind my lower left molar. Ok....well maybe it wasn't barbed wire, but man it sure as heck felt like it for the past 5 days. These steel wires have like zero give, so I couldn't even bend it. I tried wax but the wire was so thick it just kept poking right through it. Even when the assistant was using the wire clipper it felt like she was squeezing so hard and it just wouldn't cut. Finally it did but man it was tough. It's amazing how something so small can cause such pain! I'm so glad its gone now.

Went to the doctor today to follow up on my blood tests. Not great news. Seems that my DHEA levels are very high, and they can't figure out why. Normal is about 500. My is at 711 this time and was 825 last time. While lower, it is still far too high. My doctor said she even consulted with another doctor about it and they are both confounded as to what the problem is. So....I now have to schedule a ultrasound on my adrenal glands. They want to see if there is a reason why they are cranking out so much DHEA. In addition I have to go have an EKG done (so I can appease the anesthesiologist) and make sure there isn't a serious reason why I keep getting these little heart palpitations. Last but not least she ordered a new blood test to check my vitamin D levels. Living in Alaska with all the darkness, there are a large number of people who have serious vitamin D deficiencies due to the lack of sunlight. I was feeling soooo much better when we went to Hawaii, and upon getting back, within a week with no sun I was back to feeling rather down. Alaska has a very high rate of cancer compared with the national average. It's been postulated that it may be due to the lack of sunlight and a lack of vitamin D production.

My doctor said that an average amount of vitamin D for a person is about 80 - 100mg. She said if you are in the sunlight in say Florida for a full day, that you would produce about 90mg in one day. She said she tested her vitamin D the other day and it was at 8.6mg. I told her that Hawaii was my first vacation in two years to a sunny place. Last year our summer was totally crappy with hardly any sun and the little bit that we did have I missed out on because we were moving and unpacking. So basically I have been sun deprived for 2 years. I use a SAD light at work, but it is just not the same as the real sunlight. So....anyway that is the reasoning for the vitamin D test. Spring is finally starting to come here so hopefully my sun exposure will start to become greater very soon.

Man! reading all this I sound like I'm a physical wreck! LOL... Honestly its much less dramatic then it sounds. I'm very healthy, you would never know anything was wrong. I just want to be as healthy as I can be so I'm doing all this ahead of time to get things in order early and while I'm still relatively young and can make a change or fix things.


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