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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stress Compounding Daily!

So, its been what almost a week now? and still I have not heard anything new from my insurance company, now mind you I'm just about positive that they are covering things for the most part. The question is, just how much will I be left to pay??? I would really like to plan for this a bit so the sooner I know the better. Plus I want to actually schedule my surgery date, and my doctor won't let me do that until I get the the pre auth-treatment authorization in writing. Even though I faxed him the email saying they would cover it! I guess I will call them again tomorrow (the OS) and see if they have recieved anything new, OR if they have the new letter of medical neccesity written and the pre-auth for the genio done, so I can submit that and see if they are going to take care of that also.

I did get a bit of relief last night, as I work for the school district here, and for this whole year we have been fighting for a new contract. We were all set to strike, which would've meant that we had to extend the school year to make up the time missed. Well last night they came to a tenative agreement with the district. Mind you we still need to vote on it, but from what I can see at this point it looks like a pretty good deal, and like everyone will go for it. It's definitely one of the best contracts I have seen since I began working this job. This is a big relief now as now I can rest easy knowing that I can still have my surgery the end of May as planned.

I thought I would report on a couple things today. First my upper teeth are still working on getting full feeling back, but it is coming back...ever so slowly, but getting better everyday. Also, my doctor gave me the supplement about a month ago to help with my cortisol levels, and things are sooo much better in that department too. I'm now sleeping very well, I'm dreaming every night now whereas I was not before. I actually remember my dreams daily, and I'm amazed at the difference it has made. My memory has also improved tremendously, I don't feel like my head is full of cotton anymore (thank goodness.) My skin is looking so much healthier now too and a women at work today even commmented on how fresh and healthy I looked. Even after a day of working together and being tired, she said I looked like I just got to work, and that I didn't even look tired at all! I thought that was an amazing compliment.

I see the ortho next Wednesday for another adjustment. I'm going to ask him about rotating my left canine, and fixing the flare on my front second incisor, oh, and also what my surgical hooks will look like. On the 3rd of April I have an appointment at the dentist to fill a cavity in my left canine, before it gets bad and I end up having to have another root canal. Other than that things are just moving along.


  • At 8:06 PM, Blogger Mrs. Shanton said…

    Well, sounds like a mixed bag of news--that's pretty good, eh? Say--what's the anti-cortisol supplement you're taking? I'm curious. Glad you're sleeping well, because it makes ALL the difference.


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