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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Feel So Vindicated!

So.....I emailed my OS about the "Oral Antral Fistula" and today he called me back! HALLELUYEA!!!! He AGREED WITH ME!!! He left a pretty lengthy message saying that I'm absolutely correct that I might very well have this! The way he said the words "Oral Antral Fistula" so quick and like he knew totally what I was talking about. The words rolled off his tongue like they were a normal part of his everyday conversation, and that made me feel soo much better. He said the symptoms sound consistent, and that like we talked about the other day it could be some other kind of irritation, but very possibly this IS the problem. He said that while he is doing the surgery on my maxilla, that he will be down fracturing it and will have complete access to my sinuses. He said while he is in there he will scope them and see if he finds any holes, or communication problems (this is basically a nice way to say he will check and see if my sinuses and oral cavity are swapping spit LOL.) If he finds any issues while in there he will fix them, then proceed with the rest of my surgery. He then said....thank you for emailing me with your questions, and if you want to discuss this further please feel free to contact him.

I was so excited to know that he actually read my email and that he agreed with it! That all my super sluething actually had some value! Mostly I was glad too that he was not offended that I postulated the question regarding this matter or that I'm basically self diagnosing myself. He actually sounded rather glad that I contacted him. Anyway....I really like my oral surgeon and now feel even better about my future plans for surgery. I can tell I'm in good hands! PHEW.....what a relief!


  • At 8:39 PM, Blogger Amy said…


    That is such great news that you finally found out what's going on. It's terrible that you had to diagnos yourself - but who knows you better than you. I'm glad that he is able to fix it during your maxilla surgery and that you don't have to have it done seperately -really happy to hear that.

    It sounds like you are in really good hands and it's wonderful that he took the time to listen to you and leave that message.

    When I need a detective for anything now...I'm calling on you!


  • At 8:33 AM, Blogger Graham said…

    Next thing we know you'll be a regular on the Medical Detectives show. :) Great work Brandy!!

  • At 12:18 PM, Blogger Tara said…

    That's great to hear Brandy that you figured out what is wrong. And even better that he can check it out while you are already under for surgery! I hope that everything keeps going good for you!


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