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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sometimes I miss the good old days.

WEll Since I found out I'm having the works on my face I have been doing a ton more research. Been spending a lot of time at reading info from others having MMA or Bimax surgery (basically this is just upper and lower advancement) aimed at correcting sleep apnea rather then just occlusal issues.

I'm feeling much better about all of this now. I mean I'm still nervous about the way its going to change my face, but I feel like I can do this, like I'm even excited to get on with it now. This is a big change from last week, when I was scared to death. Now I'm just midly anxious, but ok with it. I never thought I would say this but at the moment I'm so glad that my surgery isn't until May. I feel like I have so much to get done and not much time to do it. I want to get that one tooth fixed that has been bothering me. But as usual I have to go to the dentist, to get a consult with the endo, just so I can go see him to get it fixed. I swear all these speciality docs are great, but it sure makes for a pain in the rear getting things done. You have to go to twice as many appointments as usual, and for me who is already seeing my Primary care physician, an OS, a dentist, an ortho, and an dental sleep medicine doctor, it is a bit much! That doesn't even factor in the normal stuff like regular eye doctor appointments, doctor appointments for my son, etc. Its just a lot right now.

I'm going to call my ortho and see if my os has contacted him yet. I know he was out of town until Monday so I want to be sure he has had a chance to talk to the OS. I want Dr. Edwards to get busy working on my new facical reconstruction blue prints LOL. Anyone know how long that takes? I mean I'm so not a patient person so I will probably bug them to death, but oh well.....what can I say?

Steph posted her new post op xrays on her site today! I swear I love looking at other peoples xray's its so cool to see what they can do with all this orthognathic surgery stuff. I find it so facinating!

I called my Dental sleep medicine doctor today to see if he wanted to talk to my os about my advancement plans. I'm a little worried as my ortho has no experience really with sleep apnea. ONly one other lady patient that he did last year that I"m aware of. The oral surgeon asked if he took any measurements and I was like " He told me to come back when I was closer to surgery to get my surgcal hooks installed and that was about it" It really concerns me that he isn't taking any measurements on my airways etc. As is normally the case when I call more than one doctor the sleep medicine doctor told me that the OS and my ortho need to be working together and not him. I told him that I just wanted to check as my ortho doesn't seem to know much about apnea and really only seems to be concerned with my occulsion. I could be wrong here, but that is how it seems. I guess I don't understand why all three of them couldn't work together, I mean would that just be too many heads to put together or what? It is all rather confounding to me. You would think more is better then less.

So...anyway, that is where I'm at right now. I will post more as soon as I know more. But for now, I'm going to rest easy that I WILL be having surgery in May and that I'm ok with it!


  • At 1:54 PM, Blogger Amy said…

    Glad to hear your going through surgery Brandy, you've come so far and I know it'll be worth it for you to get rid of the apnea.
    What I've discovered is that although similar, each of us has to have different things fixed to help what is wrong, whether occlussion or apnea. Our surgeries are slightly different, but I can say all of the outcomes I've seen so far of our blogging buddies is incredible!
    In the meantime, I hope that all your doctors get to talk. I had a hard enough time with just the OS and OD. Good luck!


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