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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Second Opinion Proof!

So I went to see the dentist who originally made my dental sleep appliance. He has one of those very high tech offices.....tempuredic chairs, warm wash clothes. non glare glasses, lip balm on your lips, digital computer screens over your chair, digital xrays, etc. IT is like "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" but at the dentists office. So anyway.....I went to him because even though he is not covered by my secondary insurance, and he charges above reasonable and customary, he is very cutting edge and good!

I had made this appointment with him prior to consulting with my oral surgeon about the Oral-Antral Fistula, but wanted to go anyway just to rule out any other dental issue in the tooth that has been tasting bad. He took some xrays and found a spot in my palate very near this tooth (he thinks perhaps from the expansion) where the skin appears to have overlapped a bit and not healed flat. He believes that this is where the hole in my mouth is that is leading into my sinus cavity. He says we can't be certain without scoping it, but from what he sees this is what he thinks. So....he said to just wait until my os gets in there with the surgery. That if I can stand to do the nasal irrigation for another couple of months that waiting til may is my best alternative at this point.

I have a cavity in my canine that needs to be filled (I knew about this so it wasn't a shock) so I scheduled an appointment to get that fixed. He said once they do my surgery I'm going to be "done" and not want anyone in my mouth for awhile, especially fixing a tooth. I have to agree with him, so over spring break I will be having it worked on.


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