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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Two Days Shy of One Year Post SARPE. Recent Changes!!!

Today is March 1st. In two days it will one year since I had my SARPE surgery. It has actually gone by rather fast, but sorta slow too. Hard to believe its been a year, but at the same time too it has been long waiting for all my feeling to come back.

So....I had to post today as so many of my milestones have been almost exactly where my doctor has said. I've had this numb patch behind my front two left incisors and canine. I could feel sensation on my teeth but they were still not 100%. When I told my OS this the other day he said that he wasn't surprised, that the maxillary nerve is usually the last to regenerate. This past week, my teeth and gums have really been burning. So much in fact that I took some Advil to try and ease the sensation. I woke up this morning and my second incisor was achey, I thought maybe I just ate something tough and tugged on it to much yesterday, however as the day has gone on the feeling has been gradually coming back in this area. When I run my tongue over my gums (behind my teeth) they feel different, not so numb and irritating. For a year now I have hated brushing my teeth from the back as this area has always been super sensitive but numb (does that make any sense?) It didn't really hurt to brush, but was definitely uncomfortable. Today....right now is different though. I can really feel my how they used to be. It is not completely back yet, but I imagine in the next couple of day it will be back to the pre-surgery state.

So.....I'm excited, now I have sortof a time line to look forward to for my next surgery. This particular healing period was the worst it could've possibly been. I was not on any kind of vitamin supplementation, I wasn't sleeping at all due to my apnea, and high cortisol levels, and with the complications I kept having re-occuring sinus infections. My immune system was compromised and I was just generally unhealthy. Even with all of that I managed to finally heal and get all the feeling back in my maxilla. I'm hoping that this next round will be much better. I have taken a lot of care to make sure I'm physically in good shape, as well as nutritionally. I will be able (once surgery is complete) to get good, deep, restorative sleep again. I won't have any infections going into this, I will basically be as healthy as I can be. So...I'm sorta making this like a challenge to see how much better I can make this healing process. Gives me a way to think positively about all of this and not focus on the discomfort I will have to go through.


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