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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Surgery blog pt 2

D-Day 0720
One last smile prior to being wisked away for my date with destiny. The nice gray bag on the left houses my designer jeans and t-shirt (not). Soon, they'll be tucked away to a top secret location awaiting my post ops recovery. Got to keep things lively here, way to early in the morning.

D-Day 0723
Last profile. Just after this photo, I was swooshed (rolled gently) down the long corridor to bright lights and lot's of folks fussing over me...which is a good thing. Soon its lights out and 6 hours later, recovery.

It's now exactly 1323, 6 hours later and I'm in recovery. No photo ops yet, but per the Doc, things went well. Usual blood loss is 800 cc, mine was 400 to 450 which bodes well for an early departure and hopefully less of the swelling that follows. Doc noted no nerves were cut, bone graft went nicely, upper and lower genio went well. Oral fistula question concerning a possible sinus issue was negative. Probably still in la la land but soon my family will be able to see me and photos to follow.
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