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Monday, May 14, 2007

Third Surgery Dream....

I had my third surgery dream last night. It was really the best of all of them. I woke up about 5:24am thinking to myself "wow, what an awesome pre-surgery dream!" It was very comforting and not stressful at all. I dreamed that I had my surgery and that everything went wonderfully. I woke up and immediately could feel both of my lips and my chin. In my dream things looked good but my doctor did not perform the genio. I saw him the next day and asked him why. He told me that it wasn't necessary, that once he aligned the jaws up that I did not need the genio. I was in agreement as (in my dream) I looked amazing the next day. I had hardly any swelling and already you could see the positive changes in my facial symmetry. I was very happy with the way things had gone and woke up feeling pleasantly happy and comforted. It was a good dream!

Now clearly this is an indicator that even though I have not been focusing on my upcoming surgery a whole lot, my subconscious is clearly aware that it is coming. I do think that my having good positive dreams though says that I must be pretty ok with things. I know I will be predictably nervous a few days before, and of course the day of, but honestly at the moment I feel good. The dream, in some weird way really seems to have helped me feel calmer. Sounds crazy I know, but hey, I'm going to take it. I want to feel calm!

Just to let you all know that the surgical hooks are no longer a big deal. Couple days of irritation, and of course more places for food to get stuck, but honestly they are fine, no real worries.

Thanks for all the great question suggestions, I will make a list and post the replies the doctor gives me tomorrow.


  • At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Let's hope that your dream is foretelling a good outcome and a quick recovery. I'm so far away from surgery all I can do is look at your prep and wish you well and try to learn.
    I stumbled across your blog several months ago when you had just got your surgery date. I couldn't believe your excitement. Now I understand the excitement. I'll be cheering you on and keeping you in my prayers as the date gets closer.

    Hopefully you'll get feeling back quickly and will be ready to stomp up some more hills before the summer (what summer exists in Alaska)is over.

    iBorg on Archwired


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