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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Surgical Hooks are evil!

Well not super evil, but a little bit for sure! My lower lip feels sortof like hamburger today. One little hook in particular keeps poking into it. One on the top is also bugging me. A student at school today said "Mrs D are your braces bugging you today? You keep doing this weird thing with your lip" I hadn't really noticed I had been doing anything strange, however, I did have to keep disconnecting my lip from the hook so I suppose I was probaby looking pretty odd at times. I explained that my top lip keeps getting stuck on my new hooks and then she understood. Eating has also become more unpleasant (as if it wasn't enough so already) between the powerchains and the hooks there are more places for food to get stuck, and to have to clean out afterwards. It is very annoying!

On another note, I got some very good news today. No explanation as to why it has happened, but my DHEA levels are now back to normal. My doctor isn't sure why but she said no further testing is necessary at this point as things appear to have fixed themselves. I'm thinking perhaps it has been the medicine that has reduced my cortisol, or that it is linked to all the pre surgical supplementation I have been doing. A vitamin deficiency perhaps? Whatever it is I will take it, I feel great everything appears to be normal, and my cholesterol is low now too, oh and my heart palpitations are now nonexistent also. Life is good, as good as it gets really! At least for another 12 more days! :)


  • At 10:30 AM, Blogger 57rdi said…


    Glad to hear your body chemistry seems to be cooperating. This might go without saying, but I assume you're using plenty of wax on your hooks, right? I only had to endure mine pre-surgery for about a week. I didn't have that dagger you have right in the front on the top. That's gotta be annoying. The upside of being numb after the surgery is that you won't really notice them, then!



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