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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ultra Sound Complete

Went for my Ultra Sound yesterday morning. It was rather uneventful. Had to lay on my back and then on both sides for her to find my kidneys and adrenal glands and snap some pics. It was over in like 10 minutes, and short of wiping off the nasty goo they use it was quick and painless.
I then headed over to the lab, as it seems the doctor was not specific enough with her perscription last time and the vitamin D test they ran was not the right one. So....this time I had to give 5 tubes of blood. Now I'm assuming that for most people this wouldn't be an issue, but finding my veins is always a challenge and unless they use those tiny butterfly needles (which are very slow) my veins usually collapse. So....the lady of course didn't listen to me. She thought things looked good so she used a big needle. We got 2 tubes, before my vein collaped, and today I have a nice big, brightly colored bruise to show for it. She then switched arms, used the butterfly needle and got two more tubes (at a much slower rate I might add) but I have only a tini tiny needle mark to show for it today. I hope I'm done with lab work for little while. I'm sure I will have to have more blood drawn the week of my surgery, but I swear I'm really starting to feel like a pin cushion lately!

Not much else going on. Still super busy! We had a staff meeting yesterday and blocked out the end of the year calendar. Starting next week, I have something going on every single day (sometimes 2 or 3 things) until the day of my surgery! Normally that would really stink, but right now, I'm rather happy to be distracted from thoughts of my surgery and rather welcoming all the scheduling gymnastics.

I'm going to call about my ECG results on Monday, hopefully they will have them back by then.


  • At 8:43 AM, Blogger Mary said…

    Hey Brandy, I will keep my thumbs pressed for you (German expression for keeping fingers crossed). Hopefully all will come back "normal" and you can proceed to your surgery without incident. By the way, I think its so cute you coach cheerleading, I can totally see that about you! Mary


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