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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Answers Coming My Way....Tomorrow!

So tomorrow I'm going to be checking on my EKG results. I contacted the doctor last week and there was a bit of confusion regarding having my EKG read. They said that it should be done by Tuesday so I figure by tomorrow it should be back at the clinic and read. My doctor is out of town til the 9th and said that I could just have them fax me a copy of my EKG. She said that the Cardiologist writes on it and that while I probably won't understand her notes, what I'm looking for is the word "normal" on it. So...hopefully tomorrow I will know. When I called the other day about my EKG they also said the results of my adrenal ultra sound had come back. The lead doctor called me and said that he did not see anything unusual but that I would want to meet with my doctor to go over the results. So...that was rather discouraging as I was hoping we would find some answers as to why my DHEA is so high.

I have been really exercising lately. Walking, biking, cheering,stretching, and last night I took my cheerleaders to an awesome gymnastics/stunting clinic. It was a blast and was pretty cool to see that after 43 years I can still do a really straight cartwheel, a round off, and several other gymnastics moves. My girls about died laughing when we were doing pike jumps and I landed flat on my bottom with the first one! was hilarious I admit but I wasn't embarrased, I mean the last time I did a pike jump was a least 30 years ago. I was quite impressed that I was able to even do one, and things got better after that so it wasn't all bad. was fun to really be able to participate with the girls. I always workout and stretch with them, I figure if I'm asking them to do it, then I should be doing it to, but this was different. Gynnastics is definitely more of my thing and I was defintely in my element last night. It was like I was back in high school and it was nice to have them see me a different way rather then just their coach.
As wonderful as the whole workshop was though it was a bit depressing too. I have a great group of girls. A couple though are just the sweetest little things and they have so much potential! I really think that one of them could go really far. The trouble is money.....most of my girls come from very low income families, and this girl is no exception. We've done some fundraisers and she was able to come up with 35.00 for her uniform, but I bought her some workout shorts the other day because she didn't have any to wear to the clinic. I managed to work out two great clinics this quarter for them, one was dance/cheers/jumps/and basic stunting. The second one was last night and was all gymnastics and stunting at this really nice local gymnastics training facility. They are going to be having tryouts for the All Star Cheerleading Team on May 19th. I know this one girl could totally make the team, and that her gymnastics could be amazing with the concentrated practice, but the cost is $120.00 a month. No way that is happening. I swear if I had the money I would pay it myself just so she could have the chance. That is probably the hardest part of all this. I mean I know they love the clinics, and I'm glad they get the opportunity to experiences it, but then they also see what they are missing and what they cannot have. It just breaks my heart.

Anyway! I will keep you all posted on my ECG findings tomorrow. Only 9 more days til I get my surgical hooks! Woo hoo!


  • At 1:43 AM, Blogger Rebbecca Fowkes said…

    glad your doing ok ive just made a blog its ive added you on my links theres not alot on there at the mo but i just done it today i had the sarpe done on november the 6th and i still have the RPE in for another 3 weeks and a day.

  • At 4:31 AM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    Good luck with your EKG!

    I'm impressed that you can do all those cheerleading moves! Wow. I could never do that. Between your braces and your cheerleading, you must feel like a teenager sometimes. :)


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