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Friday, May 11, 2007

I go see my OS on Tuesday. I have to bring a list of all the medicine and supplements I have been taking. I made a list today so I thought I would post it so that if it makes a big difference maybe someone else might benefit from it. This is all based off the info my doctor gave me for pre/post surgical prep, as well as the one listed in my links for surgical supplementation.

Vitamins and Supplements

BioEnhance Multinutrient formula - 2 Capsules 3 time daily (6 total)
(See attached info sheet for breakdown)

These are in addition to whats in the Multivitamin

Rainbow Light Food based Calcium – 500mg, magnesium 250mg, vitamin D3 200IU, other ingredients - Stinging nettle 20mg, horsetail 20mg, spirulina 20mg.

Vitamim C - Emergen C packets - 1000mg vitamin + B vitamins and 32 mineral complexes, and 7 mineral ascorbates I take 2-3 packets a day.
(See attached info sheet for breakdown)

Vitamin A - 10,000 IU (1 capsules twice a day) 20,000 IU total

Vital Nutrients B12 and Folic acid - B12 -1000mcg, Folic Acid - 800mcg (1 capsule per day)

Nutrasanus Centella Asiatic (gotu kola) 450mg (1 capsule three time daily) 1300mg total

Natures Life Zinc (picolonate) 30mg (1 capsule daily)

Bromelain Capsules – Beginning two days before surgery and 10 days afterwards (3 capsules, 3 times daily)

Arnica Montana – 3 pellets under tongue every 1-3 hours as soon as possible after surgery


  • At 10:10 AM, Blogger Mrs. Shanton said…

    Wow! Do you see a naturalist? I'm concerned about how the vitamin A might affect your bones. That's a lot of vitamin A. I wouldn't do it. Is there more in your multi-vit?

    Sorry about your hooks, too. Can they be angled more inward?

    You're getting so close!

  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said…

    Thanks STeph,
    I sent you an email, well actually more of a book regarding the vitamin A stuff. LOL..

    The hooks are irritating but survivable. I mean after that freaking RPE how bad can they really be? Nothing compares to the torture of that thing!

    I'm ready! not too nervous yet, just ready to move on with it all. I have a conference in Vegas at the end of June (1 month post op) I'm determined to be ready to go, and swelling free by then. So at least I have something to work towards! That is what I'm focused on.

    Hey if you or anyone else can think of some good questions, or things you forgot to asked your OS that you would've like to have known. Please send them to me. Im' trying to put together a list of questions and right now I don't have too many.



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