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Friday, June 01, 2007

The Body is Amazing In its Ability to Heal

Today I went to a local nursery with a girlfriend, and then to a evening get together for my husbands company. I'm amazing even myself at how quickly I seem to be bouncing back from this surgery. Tonight my bottom lip was really burny, then it switched to feeling really cold, like when you have menthol chapstick on. I could feel feeling coming back on the backside but thought it was way to soon and that I must be imagining it. Well I'm not, must have been all that talking to people I had to do, or forcing my face to smile, but something changed tonight. When I got home I had a lot more control over my lip and while it is still mildy numb in the center, I can now feel it in back, and it feels tingly on even the numb areas. My tongue is much better now. The tip is still a bit tingly but the whole left side now has feeling and I feel like I can move my tongue around like I used to. In addition to this, my chin is now all tingly and has feeling, even my genio! Not totally restored mind you but coming back fast for sure. Facial mobility is increasing also, I can pucker, stick my tongue out, and almost smile like normal. The only thing stopping me is the pull on the quickly dissolving stitches in my mouth.

At 6 days post op I could open my jaw 23mm, today, 8 days post op, I know it is farther. Not sure exactly how much, but I can yawn now, and talking has gotten a lot easier. Swelling inside my mouth has come down a lot. Up until today I couldn't really close my teeth together as the swelling wouldn't allow it, but this evening things have improved and closing is becoming do-able without any forcing. Given everything they did to my jaw, I'm just flabbergausted at how fast things are improving. This surgery is going so much better then my SARPE. It's CRAZY!


  • At 5:49 AM, Blogger Graham said…

    Great news! Be careful until the 8 week point though when the bones have finally fused back together. I am hoping my surgery will go better than SARPE too. The whole expansion phase really felt like I wasn't truly being allowed to heal until it was finally done. I remember starting to feel much better about a week afterwards, and sounds like you are experiencing the same.

  • At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Brandy, you're like super woman. You went out to a dinner party? I think I was sleeping 12 hours a day and watching movies on day 8, not shmoozing and talking all night. Who is your natropathic Doctor? They're clearly doing a good job.

    -beneath the stars

  • At 12:14 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said…

    Trust me I'm taking it easy, I'm well aware that my bones are very fragile right now. I didn't do much last night, just smiled a lot, but really did my best not to talk a lot. I'm very paranoid about causing any damage so I'm being extra careful.

    Oh, I'm still sleeping for 12 hours a day. But just making the most of the time I'm awake. I've been eating lots of protein so I think that is why I have so much energy, and things seem to be healing so well. I'm not super human trust me!


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