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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Day 10 Post Op Images

So today is Day 10, wow, it feels like it has been much longer! LOL! Things are ok, during the day is much better then the evening and night. Even still progress is being made. My chin is gaining a lot of feeling back now and is very sensitive to touch. My lower lip, while still feeling pretty thick is getting less so, and less numb. The only part of my tongue that is numb now is just the tip, which is tingly/burny but not totally numb anymore. My bite feels sortof off, but then that is probably because I have never had one that actually fit together. My OS says my bite is "perfect" so I guess I will have to trust him.

Barely Smiling 

Trying to Smile 

My New Occulsion 

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  • At 9:14 PM, Blogger Mary said…

    Isn't it an amazing feeling? As for the pain, I think its very typical 10 days post surgery. Even though you are healing quickly, don't forget you had double jaw surgery. Its going to take some time to calm down! Do be careful about all that advil. Advil is what caused my first bout with acid reflex, it really kills the stomach. Mary


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