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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Allergies Identified

So today I went and had a full allergy screening done to see what exactly I'm allergic to. Found out after lots of tiny little pokes that I'm allergic to lots of grasses, birch, and two different types of Alder (which are all very common here), as well as cats, dogs, house dust, and dust mites. Now mind you most of the time I'm not really bothered by all these allergies, but I'm glad I now know officially what it is that I'm allergic to. I take Zyrtec in the spring, and anytime we go on vacation as it seems something always bothers me when I least expect it. Never realized that it was so expensive to have these screenings done. I mean others had told me it was but I just didn't realize how much. $979.00 just for my screening! Thank goodness that I've reached my yearly max and my insurance will be paying for it 100%. That is crazy!

I can't believe how allergic I am to dog. They gave me an increased dose that was injected under my skin like a tb test. It swelled up immediately and has only gotten bigger since leaving the clinic. It's now about the size of a quarter and is warm to the touch. Everything else has bacially gone down to just the red dot from the needle pic, but not the dog one. I always knew I was allergic to them as anytime I got to someone's house who has a dog I have to take my allergy medicine or I get really stuffed up and miserable. I'm allergic to horses that way too.

Both my son and husband have really bad allergies in the spring so they are going in for a full workup next week. In hopes of starting allergy shots to hopefully (after a 3-5 year committment) eliminate or significantly reduce their symptoms. Figure this is as good a time as any to just get it over with for all of us.

My lower lip feels really puffy today, I wonder if it can be from all this allergen exposure?


  • At 7:07 AM, Blogger amycq said…

    I should get my husband to get that done too. He's allergic to alot! Always having sinus, nose, eyes, etc. allergy problems...especially around dogs too! Me, I only get the minor itchy, watery eyes in spring/fall.

    They say the southwest is a great place to live if you have allergies. Not much plant life in the desert!!


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