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Thursday, October 04, 2007

I Survived Stage 1 Of My Implant!

Well today was the day that I got my screws removed from my bone graft. I really had wanted to ask if I could keep the screws, but I was so totally out of it after things were finished that I forgot to ask. Oh well, I've got the pictures to last a lifetime so its all good.

Here are the gory pics I promised. Sorry about the little bits of blood, but hey...I just had surgery 5 hours ago and its still a bit weepy. I think the pics are very clear though and should help those of you that might be having one of these procedures soon. You should be able to see what you are in for. You can click on either one to get a full on view! really was nothing. I've had mosquito bites that hurt more!

So here is how things went. Arrived at the OS office at 12:50. Got into the doctors office by 1:10. Nurse gave me two penicillin tablets and said "consider this lunch" LOL....then made me rinse with some nasty, minty, mouthwash for 4 minutes. I had to gargle a mouthful for 2 minutes, spit it out, and then do it again for 2 more minutes. She put a lovely little timer on the counter for me so I could be sure and get the full 4 minutes in. It wasn't peridex but something very similar, to disinfect and eliminate germs etc. Doctor came in smiling, touched my arm, asked how things have been going, and told me I looked great. Nurse took my blood pressure (119/68) which is actually rather high for me, and put a pulse monitor on my left index finger. On the other side the doctor got my I.V put in (he is so great with this, never has a problem finding my veins, and is very gentle too) He proceeded to tell me that after everything else that had been done to me that this would be like a "walk in the park" He said if he could get the post in nice and tight, that he would put the abutement on it at the same time so I would not have to make a separate appointment for that. Then all that would be left would be to get the actual implant tooth made and put in, in about 4 months. As he was telling me this he was gently adminstering the I.V sedation told me I was going to start to get very drowsy, and that once I was out he would be numbing up my left hand side to work on. I had to struggle to stay awake and comprehend what he was saying to me. His nurse could see that I was fighting it and sorta smiled at me as if to say....yeah, I know, he's talking and your signing out! LOL....

The surgery started at about 1:15 and I was done by about 1:50 so all total it took about 35 minutes. Now I wish I could tell you all something about the whole procedure, however, I don't remember a blasted thing once I went under. I mean absolutely nothing. I didn't feel anything, in fact if you would've told me they did nothing I would've believed it. I woke up pretty groggy and out of it. I vagely remember them saying something about keeping the guaze pad in my mouth for 30 minutes but that was about it. Getting out of the chair was weird, like I was in serious la la land. I was absolutely sleep walking. My mom and husband were both helping me walk since I was dizzy and my legs felt very wobbly and heavy. Now...they told me that we took the elevator down to the first floor, and walked to the car. At which point I called my son to tell him we were on our way to pick him up from school. If only I remembered any of this it would be good. I fell asleep in the car til we got to his school, then we drove out to the pharmacy on base to fill a couple of my perscriptions. The doctor gave me a perscription for percocet which I probably won't use but filled anyway. I slept all the way to the pharmacy, and for the whole time my husband was at the pharmacy turning in my perscriptions. My son fell asleep too so we were both out for the count for awhile. After darling husband got back in the car we drove to the mall for something to eat. I couldn't eat or drink anything before the surgery so I was starving! I slept most of the way to the mall too. At the mall we went to my favorite Vietnemese restaurant and I had a nice big bowl of seafood Pho noodles. It was so good, and I started feeling a lot better after I was done with it. We then walked the mall, shopped a bit, and I had a chai tea boba drink.

The novocaine was pretty trippy. The left side of my mouth is still quite numb. I have learned to accomodate for the numbness quite a bit thus far without even realizing it. So, when the novocaine made things even more numb my husband said I had a "Sylvester Stallone" lip thing going on. My son and him were both cracking up at my lip contortions! Now that the novocaine is just about completely worn off I think things are feeling much more normal and better. I do feel a slight bit of bruising on my lower cheek/jaw area where the outside screw was removed (so glad that thing is out now though) but other then that I'm in absolutely no pain at all.

I will keep you all posted on how things are faring tomorrow. I suspect I may end up with some slight bruising on my lower cheek, but hopefully will be none less for wear.
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  • At 6:35 PM, Blogger Michelle said…

    Great pics, nice detail! I almost feel like I was there with ya'. I may end up needing an implant down the road, glad to know it is a walk in the park. Glad you are doing good!

  • At 2:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nice to hear that it was pretty much an easy recovery for you. I'll be needing an implant too, so thanks for telling your story.


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