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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hopes Dashed Again! :)

My Soon To be Debraced Smile I wasn't really expecting the ortho to remove my braces this morning, but I sure was hoping for it! LOL. Actually it is all good, there were still a couple places I thought needed to be tweeked a bit. My ortho said that in case I hadn't noticed, things were looking really great! He said I had a couple roots on the bottom that he wanted to straighten out just a bit more. He removed two of my brackets and repositioned them to help get this accomplished. I must say that the removal of the brackets was not painful. He then proceeded to use some type of scraper to forcefully remove the glue from those two teeth. This part wasn't entirely pleasant, mostly just the sound of the scraping on my tooth though, it was not painful. It made me feel better about actually getting my braces removed. My upper incisor was rotated just a bit also so he put a couple new bend in my archwire to straighten that out (you can see it in the pic of my uppers below.) He said other then these two things he is running out of stuff to do to my teeth! He freed me from my rubberband prison! Woo hoo! I was so sick of those things! Must admit they really did their job though!

My Lowers and New Silver Power chain

He put a powerchain on my bottom 5 - 4 so we don't get any new spaces opening up, he wants to give things a little while to settle, and told me to come back in 6 weeks. If things look good then we will schedule a debracing date. Things feel really good now. The rubberbands made things feel a little off from the pulling, now that I no longer am wearing them, things feel like they have settled into their normal position, and feel pretty comfortable. So I figure if things continue as planned that I could potentially be out of my braces by the end of October. Five months post op, (but only 2 real adjustments since mine are 8 weeks apart.) All total, with SARPE, all three surgeries, and braces, it will be 20 months of treatment time from beginning to end. Not too bad, and honestly it really has gone by quickly.

My Uppers

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I got a new panoramic xray done today also. I forgot to take it with me but will post it next time. It was totally cool to see it, I haven't had one done since 1 week post op. Crazy how our bodies heals! Everything looked so good. The area where the bone graft was taken, as well as where it was placed have all filled in with new bone growth. Everything looks much more secure in the maxilla, as well as in my lower jaw, and you can see were the bone has filled in on my genio too. There are still a couple of spaces left in my chin that are not healed fully yet, but nonetheless it was fun to look at it, and see how far I have come over the last few months.

Other then that, I'm still me...things just keep moving along. I will post more on Friday when I update again.


  • At 9:43 AM, Blogger Michelle said…

    OH How Marvelous Brandy! I'm so excited for you! I was just thinking today that time is flying for me too, I just can't believe how much change can happen so quickly. I can't wait to see you debraced! God Bless!


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