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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yay! No More Surgeries!

I saw my oral surgeon today for my 1 week follow up check on my implant. He said that everything looked great, and that when they put my implant screw in, that it went in so tight they were able to put the abutement on too so....I'm officially done with surgery! HIP HIP HOORAY! He said that the implant still needs to fully infuse with the bone for a bit longer, but I can go see my regular dentist in about 3.5 months to get my crown made and put on.

I'm so excited to know that I don't have to have anymore incisions in my mouth! I said to the doctor "nothing personal, but I really am so glad that you will not have to do anymore surgery on me, I'm really sortof maxed out on the surgery stuff" He laughed and said "No offense taken, I imagine that YOU ARE sick out it! I mean obviously asthetics are important but the real issue was the apnea. You went through a lot of surgery to achieve results so its great that the apnea is now better, and personally I think you look great too" He finished up by telling me that if I start feeling some sensitivity in my lower gum area, that most likely it means that the abutement has come loose (he says that this happens sometimes) and that if that happens I can contact him or my dentist to have it tightened up. Other then that, I think I'm done seeing him. I mean I guess I don't have to see him again. I left the office a bit conflicted. I mean I love my oral surgeon he is so great, and he has made such a difference in my life with his fantastic expertise. It just all seemd so anti climatic, like I should've hugged him, or thanked him more, or something! They didn't tell me I needed to make another appointment though. Just said if he needs to see me again they will call me, since he didn't say anything.

Maybe I will see him again if something comes up, if not I plan to write him a thank you letter, and also send him some pre and post pics following my journey, so he can add them to his patient book. He really needs some pictures from an older adult rather the just a bunch of teenagers! :)

I will post more tomorrow at the 5 month mark.


  • At 1:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just wanted to say how helpfull i have found your blog. it seems i have relatively similar problems to you, had a surgically assisted rapid mandible expansion (+wisdom teeth rem.) and wore an RME for about a year(im in australia and we call things slightly different!) finnally got that off a couple of months ago and now have 3 weeks till mandibular and maxillary osteotomies and also genio. it feels like this whole ordeal has been DRAGGING on for my whole life - new there were probs from early years, began planning at 14 and now at 21 and 1 month i will be finally having surgery 3 surgeons later! i think the best thing will be being able to bite properly - *eventually* since i only have 2 teeth that touch and therefore have ALWAYS had eating issues.
    until yesterday when i had my pre-op bloods done i didn't think about googling for some other people but am soooo glad i did, as it has given me a much more real perspective of what to expect rather than the view of what the doc thinks to say! i am also coincidently a paeds nurse and so i am finding the concept of learning to be a patient really difficult to deal with and thought it was best to get some advice.
    sorry i blabbed on but the thought of sharing a bit with someone who actually knows not just empathises feels really usefull.
    if you have any extra bits of advice i would love to hear it, my email is
    thanks again, shani

  • At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Shelby said…

    HOORAY!!!!!!!! No more surgery! I do happy no more surgery dance for you!!!!
    You look WONDERFUL. How do you feel?


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