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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Busy Week at the Dentist

So I decided to get my front crown fixed right away, so I had my implant seated Monday and was back at the dentist today to have my old crown removed, and replaced with a temp. I learned a lot today about how old crowns are replaced. What they do is saw down the center of them, then pry under the edges and pop them off. My dentist then removed the glue leaving me with basically a little tooth stump that the old crown was previously attached to. He had to call the guy from the place that makes the crowns, the one that will be baking the porcelin on it, because it seems that my teeth are pretty white! He could not find a perfect color match, the brightest sample was just a hair to white, and the one below it was too yellow. He had the guy come over and personally check it out. He said something about using the brightest one but adding a bit of blue to it to tone it down. I'm assuming since he is the expert that he knows what he is doing, and he was taking very detailed notes about it so I'm sure it will all turn out well when its done. I'm excited that I'm finally going to have matching front teeth!

The crown is supposed to be ready to go by the 14th so I can get it on before heading out on vacation. So far my essix retainer still fits with the temporary crown, but it is possible I might need a new one once the crown is done so I need to have time to get in and get it, if that is the case.

Here is my sore looking gums with the temp crown on it. It actually looks much better then I thought it would for a temp.
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I also got some more good news....I have some dark spots(what I thought were stains) between my front tooth and my second incisor. I was asking the dentist today about it and what we could do to get rid of it. He said that it is not staining but composite that a previous dentist used to fill in some very small irregularities. He said he had no idea why the dentist used such a dark color as it doesn't match my teeth at all. He also said that he left a big glob of it on the back of my front tooth. So...he shaved that down and told me that at a later appointment he can remove the old composite and put some new stuff that will match my teeth and eliminate the dark spots. I was so excited! Soon my teeth will all look good.

I know your probably wondering what I'm talking about, but trust me this stuff is not in my head, it really is visible, and since I can get it fixed, AND it's all covered by insurance why not do it?


  • At 7:21 AM, Blogger Mary said…

    Hey Brandy -- I'm running out of adjetives to describe how amazing you look! I like the before and after pics you just posted, its interesting to see how you have changed over the years! And I like you with longer hair -- You look younger now than 10 years ago. Also thanks for describing your implant process. I except mine to be similar, times 5. Thanks also for your post on my blog. I can't tell you how excited I am about getting my crowns soon. Mary
    PS -- where are you vacationing?

  • At 9:43 AM, Blogger Kam said…

    You look amazing! I just wanted to say thank you, blogs like yours are really helping me educate myself on my own up coming surgery and have inspired me to make my own. Talk to you later! -Kam :D

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