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Monday, June 02, 2008

Molar Implant Finally Complete!

So today was the big day! and while I was very excited to get my implant finally done, I must admit it was a little bit anti-climatic!

So here is how it went. Once I arrived and was seated, the doctor proceeded to take the abutement off of my implant. He then took the newly made crown and put it into the implant screw. He was checking for fit, to make sure the contacts on each side weren't too tight for me to floss. They were (too tight) so he proceeded to put the implant in and take it out about three more times, each time grinding it down just a bit more. When we finally got a perfect fit, he pressed the implant into place by holding my jaw bone and using his thumb to press it in tight. Full View of my Lowers now

He then had me bite down on some green contact paper, and rub my teeth back and forth to make sure they all fit. At this point things looked good so he used a special screwdriver thing, that goes through the screw in the center of the fake tooth, to screw it down and into the implant fitting very tightly. Once that was done he had the nurse take an X-ray to make sure it was seated properly. It was but just for good measure he tightened it one more time. Then he filled the hole on top with some composite, lazor lighted it til dry, ground off any additional cement with the drill, and used the pick to get a couple last bits. Then I was done!

Top, distance view of implant

I must say it is weird to not have that space in my mouth anymore, but so nice to be able to chew on the other side now. It really is amazing how real they feel. It totally feels like one of my regular teeth. Much better then my bridge on the other side does. Too bad they are so expensive otherwise I would replace all my crowns with them.

Close up view of implant

Basically that was it, but we are going to replace the crown in front that I hate so much in the next couple of weeks (I want it on before the 20th when I leave) and then we are going to begin replacing the top two upper crowns on the left. They are old and misshapen (the previous dentist who did these was very bad.) My dentists says the new crowns will make my bite better and will eliminate the big spaces between my teeth that are there now due to these old crowns not fitting properly. So....again we take one giant step forward and three tiny steps back. Oh well, such is life I guess....I really will have a $100,000 smile when I'm all done with this.

Side view of implant
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  • At 11:55 PM, Anonymous Kristen Marlin said…

    Wow! That's a nice looking molar implant! Your dentist certainly did a wonderful job and he sure knows what he's doing. I am jealous at how nice your teeth look. Just staring at your pictures made me want to visit my dentist (Rock Hill based) again because I would like to inquire about the different treatment that they have for me to have a perfect set of teeth. More than ever, I just want to visit the clinic and see the staff especially my charming dentist. Tega Cay in South Carolina is always a great place to visit after my dentist's appointment since it is just nearby.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • At 8:44 PM, Blogger Peter Nguyen said…

    Congrats for your new smile, and as a dentist I also believe dental implants are the ideal treatment option to cure missing, broken, chipped, stained teeth for a longer time. Implants can stay upto 20 years with normal brushing and flossing. It is like your new teeth.


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