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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How things Heal is sooo Weird!

I know it's not quite one year, but I have been having a super healing spurt the last two weeks and felt like I should probably take a few minutes to report on it. Now mind you I have been a bit surprised by all of this as it has sortof come out of nowhere. My lower lip, lower teeth, upper teeth, underneath my chin right at the jaw bone, and some slight areas on my chin have been tingling like crazy. They have felt hot, swollen, numb, then hyper sensitive, freezing cold, tender, and sore. Even running my tongue across my lower lip was really uncomfortable. As of today, things are feeling much better, and I have a ton more feeling back. Don't get me wrong, it is not fully back yet, but still in the works. It is not like it has stopped or anything but it has just sortof settled for today.

It is crazy to me how it can be almost 12 months since my surgery, yet things are still very much healing. I mean looking at the outside you would never know, everything appears normal. There is no visible swelling, or noticible puffiness. Clearly things are much different on the inside though, my body is still working away to recover from this whole jaw surgery ordeal. It is shocking to me how long it has been and how things really are still on going.

I will post more in a few days on my big 1 year anniversary, but thought this stuff was important so that others thinking about having this surgery really understand how long of a journey it is, but also to remain optimistic as this whole healing thing really is on a schedule all its own.


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