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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sinus Surgery Follow Up #2 was the second follow up since my sinus surgery. You will recall (provided you read my last post) that it was less than pleasant, and in fact down right gross! Well today wasn't much better. I arrived at the Drs. office, he called me in and I took a seat. This time he didn't ask, tell, or even infer that he was going to do anything. He just turned the compressor machine on, handed me a gauze pad, and proceeded to spray that freaking discusting, afrin and lidocaine up my nose again. I have decided that that stuff is just vile, as I type this message out,the nasty poison taste continues to run down my already numb throat. Sooo gross!

Anyway...pretty much the same drill as last time, minus the giant snot globs. He started out with the small sucker, it got plugged up so he switched to the larger sucker thing. I flinched as he continued, as this time it was a tad bit uncomfortable. Did he say..oh sorry, or yea, its a bit uncomfortable..NO! He just pretended like it never happened and continued to suck the life out of my sinuses. Then told me that my head should feel a lot lighter now (his feeble attempt at humor I think.) He said everything looks good and that I shouldn't have any issues with adhesions or anthing like that. I told him I was using Veramyst for my allergies again and that it seems to help a lot with keeping my sinuses clear. He really wasn't that impress and other then leaving me with a horrible taste in my mouth, he said that he would see me again in 3 weeks. It apparently takes about 6 weeks for the sinuses to completely heal and thus for me to be able to truly judge the results.

I made a new appointment for Feb 7th, but will have to reschedule it. I forgot I will be in Orlando that week for a conference. Otherwise things are good and are coming along well. I have been having a big spurt in my healing this past week. My numbness is really making great strides, which is totally great! My husband said that I'm actually kissing like the old me and that he is very happy to not be kissing a manniquin anymore! LOL.....


  • At 2:18 AM, Blogger Tara said…

    So does that mean you get to go thru that AGAIN in 3 weeks? YUCK. Just hearing it makes my sinuses hurt. But after that you should be good, right? It will be worth it to be able to breath in the end!
    ~ Tara
    When do you get your implant placed on your stud?

  • At 11:38 PM, Blogger Shontell said…

    Alright! That's great about your numbness!! I hope that I can be as lucky. All the sinus stuff sounds really GROSS! yyyyick!


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