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Monday, December 24, 2007

Trying to get better by Wednesday!

So the doctor wanted me to start taking the antibiotics he gave me early in hopes we can head off whatever I have. I have to be at the lab at 7:30am on Wednesday to do blood work. They are going to put a stat order on it so the doctor will have my results by 9:30 am went I get to the surgery center. Then he is going to do a check up on me and make sure I'm ok for surgery. He says if my sinus infection IS back then it is probably best that we just proceed with the surgery and hopefully things will get better. The big thing is keeping it from moving into my chest. If there is issues with breathing then there could be issues with the anethesia which they do not like to deal with. So for now, I'm taking Sudafed, Mucinex, Emergen C, lots of fluids, vitamins, Zi-cam, and Augmentin 875mg.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will start to feel better!

I'm also doing allergy shots these days. I kindof wonder since all of this started on Saturday, if it could be a reaction to my Thursday shot. I've never had one before, but my son had several hay fever reactions at the beginning of his shots, so maybe that is what I'm having. It is either that, or the return of my sinus infection. Either way....keep your fingers crossed that it goes away and I can proceed as planned on Wednesday. I so want to get this surgery over with!


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