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Thursday, June 03, 2010

3 Years Post Op

Well I missed my 3 year anniversary date by about a week, but kindof did it on purpose because the last few days I've been having more improvements and wanted to see how they were gonna pan out before I posted again.

I actually was a little worried as my front tooth started hurting a lot. I thought maybe I bit into something too hard and just stressed it, but I couldn't remember doing that, and I kept waking up everyday and it would really hurt in the morning. It did not feel lose, but my dentist had told me that I had had some root reabsorbtion on my two front teeth, and they only have about 1/2 their roots. He said we would need to keep an eye on them to make sure they stayed ok, but that he thought they would do alright. So when my tooth started hurting my first thought was that the root was getting worse and that it was now hurting like my rear molar because the root was no longer stable. I decided to wait a few days to see what would happen. Well in the last few days I think I know what is going on. My front teeth for so long have been numb, and now feeling is returning to my gums in that area and my teeth. It is achey because it is healing and now has feeling. Its so weird to bite down on my teeth and actually be able to feel sensation, instead of just contact. I've also been having a lot more feeling return in my lower left molars.

My lower lip continues to improve and has been very tingly the last few weeks, becoming closer and closer to normal. Feeling used to be deep into my lip, now it is much much closer to the surface. For about two weeks now my lower lip has been tingling bad, like when coming off novecaine. It's been really annoying, but cool because I've been noticing more sensation, especially when I kiss. Before I couldn't really feel much with my lower lip, now I can actually find lips, the edge of a glass, etc because there is feeling in it now. I have mentioned in most of my other posts....things continue to improve. It is a slow process, but it getting better and better with each passing month. I'm no longer thinking about it, but I am noticing it happening. Makes me wonder already, where things will be a year from now, but also know that it will for sure be better then it has been. After all of this, that is all one can really ask for I think. Right???

So...I will continue to post updates as thing progress. I said I would continue to keep this blog until improvements stop, and since they haven't yet I will stay with it. :)


  • At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Resorption can happen with trauma or from moving the teeth too quickly during ortho treatment. It's more common with adults who have ortho because bone doesn't growth as quickly. I'm considering orthonathic surgery and am very nervous knowing it has taken three years to get feeling back for you. Do you feel it was worth all the work???

  • At 9:06 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said…

    Yes I'm very familiar with the whats and how's of root reabsorbtion.

    As for feeling it is worth it Most definitely YES! I have not looked back even one day since having surgery. As for the 3 year wait I'm truly thrilled that I'm still getting feeling back. Many I have spoken to stopped getting feeling back shortly after a year. Meaning any numb areas they had, are just numb forever. My feeling has continued to return, and for the last year the area of feeling coming back has been localized just in a small area in my lower lip so it has not been anything that is really aggravating at all. Mostly just exciting that it is still healing. I'm 46 years old, I didn't expect to get full feeling back, and fully expected to have some permanently numb, of "think" patches, so the fact that it appears that it is all going to come back is truly amazing to me, and just a testament to the wonderful job my surgeon did.

    This surgery was the best thing I ever did for my sleep, my smile, and my bite. I will never regret it, and feel grateful that my insurance covered most of it so that I was able to have it done.



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