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Thursday, December 26, 2013

6 years, 7 months, and 2 days post surgery.

Ok..I realize its been a LONG time since I posted, but I said I would continue to post as long as there were changes that took place. It's been a little over 6 and half years and believe it or not changes are still happening. So I must admit that I hadn't been to the dentist in a couple of years. I take good care of my teeth and I started experiencing a lot of discomfort in my top front teeth and the whole lower quadrant on the left. I was really stressed out, since my dentist said I had some serious root resorption and that we would have to keep an eye on my teeth. I have one tooth on top in the rear that is pretty much void of a root, and became quiet painful when the root was becoming very short. My dentist said I didn't have to have the tooth removed yet, that it is healthy and isn't going to fall out. Since I don't really chew on that side I just decided to leave it alone. So anyway...I started having a lot of pain in my teeth...the same kind of pain, so I got scared. At one point my left front tooth felt very loose and I was sure that it was root resorption and that the only thing really keeping it in place was my bonded retainer. I was really not ready to have more bad news or the dentist to tell me they would need to do more implants or such, so I just kindof buried my head in the sand and avoided the bad news. Well eventually the pain kindof went away so I decided to go get my teeth cleaned and new Xrays last week. Guess what? It's good news! Apparently the pain I was feeling was nerve regeneration! I know nerves take a long time to recover but never did I think they would still be regenerating at this late date, but they are! So my Xrays showed no change in my roots, the dentist even jiggled my teeth and said they are good. The roots are still recessed to about half the norm but haven't changed since my surgery was done 6 years ago! What has happened over the last few months though is that I can now feel my teeth. Before they started hurting they were like numb...when I would run my tongue over my teeth I couldn't really feel I can. I still have a slight bit of numbness in my lower lip to the left, but it has also improved some, and really is almost non existent at this point. My left front tooth is still improving it is still mildly numb but getting better each day and it doesn't feel wiggly anymore which is such a relief! So I thought I would pass this along since it has been so long since I last posted, but clearly things really are still changing, healing, and getting better!


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