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Saturday, March 11, 2006

8 Days Post SARPE/ 5 Day View of Gap

Today was a good day! I did awake with a headache which I had most of the day, and my teeth were still bothering me with sortof a burny pressure type pain, but I took some Advil and did my best to ignore it. I still have a slight bruise under my eye area, and one on my lower right chin. I expect them to be completely gone by tomorrow or the next day for sure.

I went to the gym for the first time since my surgery. It felt good to get some cardio in and lift a little. It was harder than I had anticipated though. With the increased saliva flow in my mouth now it is a bit harder to control and navigate when my heart rate goes up. I mean I can't really breathe through my mouth without feeling or worrying about drooling all over the elliptical trainer! I never realized how hard it is to just breathe through your nose when your are getting into your target training zone. I also noticed that when I was lifting weights and straining on the final lifts, that I would sorta squish my face up and put additional pressure on my front teeth. It sorta made them ache a bit more but I just kept going and ignored it, then took some more advil when I got home today.

Now for the really exciting news! I can really see changes in my palate now! I have been taking expansion pics daily and comparing them nightly to one another. Tonight I put day one and day five next to each other and was amazed at the difference. I will post on Tuesday the pics so you can see them too! By then I will be half way done expanding and you will be able to see huge improvements! I'm so excited! Everything appears to be working beautifully. Expansion is nice and even, and the archwires are keeping everything in line. My teeth are looking more and more pleasing and I'm getting that nice curve on the top that others have! I can't tell you how thrilling that was for me to see today. Definitely worth the little bit of aggravation I have been experiencing, oh and of course my growing gap :)


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