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Monday, May 08, 2006

Day 67/ My Gap is Officially Closed!

Wooo Hooo....No more gap! We have closure two days short of 7 weeks. This is today, compared to last weeks pic.

I woke up today and my diastema was officially gone! It is actually now starting to look like it could begin overlapping by my next appointment. Guess that explains all that pressure I have been feeling against these two teeth. I'm not really happy about that though as I still have 2 weeks left til my next appointment!

My teeth have been a bit tender today, not achey, but I can feel them for sure! The right side of my uppers seem to have a good amount of feeling back in them, however, from my left incisor over is still pretty numb. It is really weird having half of your upper palate be numb and half have feeling. I'm so excited that I only have 13 more days til my RPE comes out though that I have scarcely noticed anything else. I know I haven't had to wear this torture device near as long as some others but I still hate it and can't wait for it to be gone!

Other than this life is good! Now if we could just get our house sold, I would be totally ecstatic!


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