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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Day 62/ Six Weeks Post Expansion

I was going to post a pic of my official 6 week gap progress today, however, it is exactly the same as the one I posted I figured why bother.

Today was a weird day though, as my front incisors were sorta burny and achey all day. I had to take some advil to get rid of the irritation. Now this was a little unusual as my teeth haven't really been bothering me for about a week now. If I have learned anything through this whole process it is, when my teeth are achey...then something is happening! Nerve regeneration, gap closure, feeling coming back, whatever! Something is repairing! So...I will just wait and see what it is!

Today my tongue is very beat up. I noticed that the wire tie on my expander appliance is hanging down sorta loose and I can't make it go back up under the appliance edge. It keeps catching my tongue and really wearing on it. I'm thinking of calling the ortho to see if they can do anything to get it tucked back inside the appliance. Secretly I'm hoping that if I go in for this little fix my ortho will say.."Hey why don't we just take it out and put in your TPA" That would totally rock! One of my molar bands has really been bothering the gums also. I'm worried that it is digging up into them and could create an infection. It hurts really bad to water pik it or brush it. So I would really be going in for two things! LOL..

When I have my appt on the 22nd I want him to change out my RPE for the TPA, take off the wire tires on my top teeth, close my gap completely, put in a new archwire on top and start moving my uppers, remove the stablizing wire on my lowers and do whatever needs to get done to close these huge spaces and the front two incisors that are flaring out. (They are getting so bad that I sometimes hit them with my top incisors!) If I go in early for this other stuff then because he would be squeezing me in I would feel like I couldn't ask him to do all this stuff! I'm kinda one of those assertive patients that isn't afraid to talk to my ortho about what the heck he is doing, and where I want my treatment to be going. I also want to see if we can have me surgery ready by December of this year instead of May 2007. I'm ready to get on with this jaw surgery stuff and be done with it!

Well that is about it. Aside from waiting for my gap to completely close, the off again on again throbbing stuff, and my RPE irritation, life is good! Our house is officially up for sale now and things are just plugging right along. So....really can't complain too much these days.


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