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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Day 56/ So Hard To Be Patient!

Well today is day 56, and as I was flossing my teeth tonight, and looking at pics of my expansion that I took today, I have to say that it is so hard to be patient. I swear that everytime I look at them I see something that has changed. Sometimes it is for the better, but most of the time it is not. I notice teeth that are rotated that were like perfect the week before, or a space that is getting bigger that was before non-existant, or teeth that are tipping out etc. I sit and think...MAN this going to take FREAKIN ever to fix to where they are supposed to be." Especially if I only have my teeth adjusted every 8 weeks. They are so close to being where they look like they should be but it seems like my ortho keeps doing stuff that messes them up. I think it won't be so bad once this appliance comes out as I don't really mind the braces that much, but for now, with me examining my teeth to death everyday it just feels like so far away before they are correctly aligned.

Teeth are pretty much the same today as yesterday, and I think I'm getting a cold so that should just add to the plethora of enjoyment I'm having with this appliance. Maybe it will make it easier since I will be forced to breathe through my mouth instead of my nose. That will keep my tongue from messing with this thing! LOL...
24 days and counting!

Well I'm super tired so I'm heading to bed. I will post more tomorrow of my palatal drama! :)


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