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This is my daily journal to my eventual perfect smile and Apnea free life. It logs my surgeries, and daily progress.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Day 49/ We Have Contact Houston!

Wooo was a good day. Instead of having that irritating ache in my front teeth and gums I officially have some feeling in my incisors now. They are still a bit sensitive but FEEL like the old teeth I used to know! When I tap down on them, they feel like my bottom teeth do. No more numbness! no more pain...just real teeth, with nerves that connect now! Actually I'm starting to really get a lot of feeling in my upper gums and my bicuspids also. Really all of my teeth are getting more feeling in them, however, several are still semi-numb. Nothing like they were a week ago but still not 100% yet! I'm so excited! I was starting to think they were never going to be back to normal!

My mouth is pretty sore today. Not sure why as I didn't do a lot of talking today but my tongue just hurts again and my bracket hooks have been catching on my cheeks all day so they are inflamed too! 32 more days with this device. It feels like an eternity, especially lately as my mouth just feels so full! Maybe cluttered is a better way to describe it. No Claustrophic sums it up better. Dealing with this appliance has truly been the biggest challenge for me. I'm sure it is much less annoying to a younger person, but I'm used to having my mouth to myself and not having to share it with a bunch of metal contraptions. I have decided that it (my mouth) is set in its ways and doesn't like visitors....especially ones that overstay their welcome. It's sorta like when your family comes to visit and instead of staying a week they decide to stay a month. After about two weeks you just want a break, to have your own space back, but you are stuck with them for a bit longer so you try and tough it out. When they finally leave, it is sooooo nice! I know that is how it will be when this RPE gets taken out, like heaven, and I can truthfully say that I will feel like I have achieved an amazing feat of endurance. It has definitely been a test for me.


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