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Friday, April 14, 2006

Day 43/ SARPE Progress Update

I figured it had been awhile since I posted where I"m at with my SARPE progress. I have been posting bits here and there about my gap, etc but tonight I will just give and update on how I'm progressing since I had the procedure done.

As of today, I'm doing quite well. I can't believe it has been almost 6 weeks since my SARPE was done. It seems like it was so long ago. Anyway....I still have what I would call mild irritation in my front incisors on a regular basis. Somedays it is like more of a throbbing sensation, other days it is just more of a mild ache. My gap is still working on closing up so I'm assuming that this is why the pain is located mostly in that region.

The appliance is still (in my opinion) the worst part of this whole process. Since I finished expanding my appliance seems to have settled a bit. It is sitting a bit flatter in my mouth and is semi less irritating than it was, but not enough to really count so I don't. I think my tongue has finally adjusted to it a bit and so it is not irritating it as much, however, if I talk to much then it gets pretty raw. Eating is still miserable for me, and while I have adapted a bit more, I still hate the hassle and work involved and find that I just don't eat unless I have to. I will be getting my RPE replaced with a TPA in 5 weeks, I truly can't wait, and still have days that I swear I would rip this thing out if it wasn't so solidly attached.

On certain days my palate just gets tired and feels like it has been overworked. It gets achey in the joints above my jaw (where they made the fractures.) This is always a continued sign to me that even though I'm feeling much better, my palate is still far from being healed.
I have noticed since SARPE that I have been grinding and clenching my teeth a lot more than I used to. I attribute this to my ever changing bite these days and my jaw not really knowing where it is supposed to sit. It is for this reason that I think my jaw hurts some days, but other times there really is no figuring it out, it just aches for no apparent reason. I usually try and give it a break by eating soft foods etc on these days.

At almost six weeks since surgery, and 3.5 weeks post expansions, I'm finally starting to get feeling back in my teeth and upper gum areas. I can rub my tongue on my teeth and feel it, not just the sensation of touching them but actually feel them like I used to. I'm also starting to gradually get feeling back in my gums. Previously I could feel nothing, like they were injected with novacaine. Now, if I take my fingernail and ever so gently poke my gums, I can feel it. Only in certain areas though. Feeling seems to be coming back faster on my upper right side then my left. I can pretty much feel stuff from my right front incisors to the right back molar. On the left I can feel my front incisors, and my rear molars,however, my bicuspids and canines are still numb. I also have complete feeling on the roof of my mouth now. These are all good signs and I'm convinced that in the next month or two things will return to normal (as far as feeling is concerned that is.)

I'm still very glad I did the SARPE, I'm really noticing the changes and liking them at this point, and one of the ladies I work with said to me today that it has been amazing to watch the total tranformation of my smile in such a short time (two months.) So its cool that others are noticing and seeing a difference.

As for any physical changes to my face....I would say they have been pretty minimal. I think my cheekbones are more pronounced and a bit rounder. I can also tell that my sinuses have opened up a bit and may be just a tiny bit wider as I can now breathe better through my nose which is good, but I don't think it is really noticible to others. I don't see too much difference. smile is bigger now too, but then my mouth is bigger so I suppose that is to expected.

Well that is pretty much it for now. I will continue to post daily til my SARPE is completely healed, and report my healing progress and daily change. For now though....I'm tired so I'm going to bed!


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