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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Day 41/ For Every Positive There is also a Negative. is a pic of my 3 week post expansion gap.

Compared with my 2 week post expansion gap

As you can see it has made significant improvements since last week, but is still about 1.5mm from being completely closed

Today my teeth continued to be achey and burn. It pretty much lasted all day. I took some advil and it went away, but 4 hours later the aggravation was back. Not sure why I'm feeling this...must just be part of the healing process, but it is not very pleasant. My tongue is mildly sore today. Mostly from rubbing against the welds on the appliance. I'm going to see if there is a way I can go see the ortho soon and get them ground down. I'm tired of having to put wax on them and think it should be able to be done in the office without too much effort. WE SHALL SEE....

I'm feeling really sorta frustrated with my bottom teeth right now. Sometimes I feel like it is one step forward and three steps back. Or that it seems like everytime we make headway with one thing, it messes up something else. I'm sure this is part of the whole orthodontic process but right at this moment it is really getting on my nerves. The springs on my lowers have successfully moved my hidden back tooth to the front, however, now they have made such a space that I now have a big space/gap on both sides of my tooth. I'm seeing a bit of crowding as this new space pushes the others to the left. In addition my rear bicuspid on the left is now rotating inward. I still have 5 more weeks til I go back for an adjustment and I'm worried about this space getting any bigger. Oh....and did I mention that my lower teeth are aching today also! Not a good tooth day for me!

This is Day 1, and today.
It's a little hard to see the total space in the second pic but it is definitely quite large. I'm going to ask about this also when I go in tomorrow as I'm just getting rid of the gap on top, so at the moment I"m not very partial to getting another one on the bottom

Last but not least here is a pic of our new house.


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