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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Day 40/ Damon III Model? LOL..

My day was sort of funny at work. I work at a school and we received our school pictures a few days. One of my friends saw mine today and said that I looked like one of those "braces models" that you see on the orthodontists wall. She took it around to a few others and soon several people were teasing me too. Said I should give the 8x10 to my OD and see if he puts it up. I did some modeling a couple years back for a local health club here. They now pretty much run all the clubs in town. My pics are posted on the walls of a couple and have been for a couple years now, so I told my friend that I think my face has gotten enough exposure around this town already.

I had to laugh about it all, although I do have to say the picture DOES look sorta posed. Someone on the Metal mouth forum said I looked like a member of the Brady Bunch (Brandy Brady LOL.) Anyway....I thought it was a fairly decent pic of me with my braces actually smiling, and definitely a good comparison pic for me, as this one was taken two weeks prior to my SARPE. Oh, and I guess it makes me look a few years younger too so that is a big plus! What do you think?

Teeth wise today was a pretty good day! Oh...and believe it or not, my tongue does not hurt today! I repeat...IT DOES NOT HURT! woohoo...I'm sure a lot of it was because I didn't do much talking today, but hey...whatever the reason, I need a break so I will take it! My teeth were aching a bit today on top. They were burny and just achey. Enough so that I had to take some Advil to get through the day. I think my gap is closing more though. It feels like it is doing something. I'm starting to get a pretty big space between my lowers from these springs. They were so pretty and lined up the other day and now they are very spread out! I look like I have matching gaps on top and bottom now. SO NOT WHAT I WANTED! :) I'm going to ask the OD about it when I take my son in on Thursday. I will post a pic tomorrow of my 3 week post expansion gap. It is definitely getting smaller! as well as my new matching lower gap.

Tomorrow I will be taking some pics of our new house so I will try and post some of those too! I had to work on cleaning the kitchen tonight. OMG it is so much work to get your house ready for showing! Took me forever to thoughly clean just the kitchen. I found dirt I didn't even know I had! I do have to say that it looks awesome now though! Makes me not want to use it anymore so I don't have to clean it again! :)


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