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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Day 29/ SARPE Almost 1 month Post Op.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling great. We went bowling last night and before we left I drank 32oz of water with a pack of Emergen-C. I brought another 32oz bottle with another dose of Vitamin C with me to the bowling alley and drank it while we were there. It was amazing how much better I felt just after that. I got a good nights rest, had a good breakfast, took my liquid multivitamin and drank an 8oz glass of water with Emergen-C this morning and seemed to be doing much better. I still feel a bit run down, but things definitely seem better today.

Bowling was fun last night, but OMG all that smiling and talking left my poor mouth in bad shape. Why is it, when you are dying from braces irritation you never have any freakin wax on you? I'm not joking, I must have about 20 little packages of the stuff, as I stock up everytime I go to my ortho. But just when I really need it, there is none to be found anywhere. Not in my coat pocket, not in my purse, not even in the car! Shoot my darling son, didn't even have any on him. We both have the dentakits too, which are supposed to go everywhere with you, but did either one of us have ours....NO! So I had to suffer with some Brace-eze I found in the car. It pretty much sucked, but was better than nothing. People kept looking at me funny like something wasn't right, but I didnt' figure out til later what the deal was. My dh pointed out that with the neon lites at the bowling alley, I looked like I had big chunks of white gunk stuck on all my teeth. See when brace eze dries it gets very white. No wonder people were giving me weird looks they were probably thinking "OMG...EWWW! whats that crap all over her teeth??" but I just kept smiling and talking, completely oblivous to what was going on.

I'm still using the blister bandaides to cover my appliance. They just work so well and for whatever reason my tongue just can't seem to get used to the wire ties that were added on Monday to my appliance (I posted a pic of the wire ties on day 24 below.) If you decide to use these band-aides yourself you will need these exact ones (I have gone through about a zillion boxes trying to find the best ones, and they are not cheap) You need to get the Band-Aid brand Activ*Flex ones in size large. If you trim the rounded edges off of them they work perfect and the ends are longer so they are easier to grab from behind the appliance and connect together. These really are great especially after about an hour, as they have fluid absorbtion properties and thus take in some of the saliva in your mouth. They then swell up and make a nice little puffy cushion for your tongue. It has truly been a life saver for me!

My lower teeth are moving like crazy. Last night while bowling the springs decided they were going to start irrititating my bottom lip. I didn't have any wax so I put some brace eze on. Bad idea, I now have some space between those teeth. The Brace eze kept oozing in between the spaces and coming out through the back of my teeth. It was very annoying and uncomfortable. Here are new pics of my 5 day progress.

Days 1, 4, and 5 with springs

If you look closely at the day 4 pic you can see some grey looking stuff on my lower right bicuspid (left in the picture.) This is from grinding my teeth against the prong on the expander at night. I'm doing some serious gnashing while I sleep I tell you!

Today is officially 10 days since expansion ended. My diastema (gap) is closing slowly. Not as quickly as I would like but hey, as long as I don't have to wear a power chain I'm not going to complain. Also, in the second pic you can really see on my lower incisors the space those springs have made, and how much that tooth has really come forward.

Expansion Finished
One week later

I'm starting to get a bit of feeling back in various places. Mostly on the roof of my mouth behind my front incisors. I still have a bit of pressure in those teeth as well and I expect it will most likely continue until they have officially moved back together. All in all I'm very pleased with my progress. I know it will continue to improve from here on out and only get better. Plus being able to see the progress makes it all worthwhile now.

The C-flex sleep machine is still a thorn in my side. I'm beginning to feel a bit hopeless regarding being able to use it. I seriously can't sleep with it. It is noisy, and aggravating, and just doesn't seem to be do-able for me. I'm going to talk with the sleep center Monday and see what other options I have. I wish it would work for me as it would be so nice to get a great nights sleep again. Cross your fingers that we can figure something out!


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