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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Day 19/ Expansion Completed! Woo Hoo!

Halleluiah, Halleluiah, Halleluiah! I'm officially done expanding! 8 1/4mm of space has been under construction in my mouth for 18 days now. As of 10:00am this morning development of this newly enlarged living space has concluded. My tongue and teeth are (at this moment) busily adapting to their new, first class surroundings, and spacious living area. Hopefully my ortho will not decide on Monday that things are still not big enough! That would totally not be cool at all! I posted some pics of the process, it is sorta hard to tell if you look at them day by day, but if you look at them about every few days you can see the expansion itself a lot better!

Expansion Day 1, 7, 13, 18. Posted by Picasa

Expansion Days 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,17,18 Posted by Picasa

Now what will I focus my days on? Everything will seem so anti-climatic now that I don't have to worry about expansion anymore. I have to go see my Orthodontist on Monday for the final approval of expansion. I think they are also going to change my lower archwire and put some springs on my lower front teeth. These are supposed to start pulling some of the crowded teeth in the front over and out of the way a bit, so that the ones hiding in the back can get out! Sounds like more unpleasantness at the hands of my OD but hey whats a girl to do?, or should I say "What we girls do, for a beautiful smile!"

My Diastema is starting to get smaller, 2mm now and closing. I'm hoping by Monday it will be almost closed. That would be so awesome. I went and picked up my CPAP machine today. That thing is pretty weird. Basically it forces air down your nose, and you breathe it in, then exhale into the pressure of the air that is going in. Sorta hard to explain. I tried it and it was ok, but for whatever reason it seems to give me a headache. I will test it out tonight and see if I can stand it. If not I will be using my rubberband again. I slept with rubberbands all night last night without too much trouble, so its nice to know I have a back up if the CPAP is just freaking me out! I see why people have issues with it, it is a pretty weird deal to go to bed with a big nose mask, and an elastic head strap to hold it in place. I'm sure I will be looking entirely too SEXY tonight! LOL... but I guess people will go to great lengths to get a good nights sleep, and I can totally understand that having gone so long without it before. I will keep you all posted on how this works for me.

Talking with the appliance is still difficult. I find I just don't like talking anymore. I pretty much just prefer to keep my mouth shut and not have to work to hard at it. Saying words that begin with E, or have ee's in them is very hard. I sound like I need to go work with a speech therapist! Eating has gotten a bit easier though so that is a big plus! Ok...well I'm off to enjoy my new spacious mouth! I will gab with you all tomorrow!


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