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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Day 12 Post SARPE/ 20 Turns of RPE Appliance

Day 10 Gap
Well today was the first day I actually keyed my own appliance. I decided I needed to learn how to do it. It wasn't hard, but is a bit tricky the first time or two. I have 13 turns left til we are done expanding. My gap (diastema) is officially 3.5mm wide now. :( Chewing is getting a bit more difficult today since my bite keeps changing. The little bars on the appliance are hitting my bottom teeth pretty firmly, and unless I shift my jaw to chew on one side the banging is pretty uncomfortable. Hopefully it will move out of the way with tomorrows expansions.

Sleeping has been kindof weird lately. I'm thinking that I must be grinding my teeth at night or something. I keep waking up because I'm doing something that really hurts my left molar where the appliance is attached. I can't figure out what it is I'm doing when I'm awake to save my life, I have tried everything to re-enact it but nothing even comes close to simulating the movement or pain. Its weird!

Here are some new expansion pics from today (Day 10) Notice the yellow spots at the back of my palate on the day 10 photo? I'm not sure what those are but they were not there before I began expanding. I'm thinking they must have something to do with the blood supply catching up during the expansion. Anyway....I just noticed them as I was comparing all the expansion pics tonight. Expansions are getting easier everyday. Pressure last for about a minute or two then is gone. My headache has pretty much disappeared also which is a big plus. Oh...and the pain in between my teeth is not bothering me too much anymore either. If I push on my front teeth or apply pressure to them in any way they get achey, but if I just leave them alone they don't hurt. So as of today I'm officially off oral analgesics (ADVIL.) which is a big plus!

Day 1 Expansion
Day 10 Expansion

20 Turns of the key


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