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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Day 16/ The End is Near! (New Pics)

Today's expansion was fine for the most part. I did awake during the middle of the night with a headache last night, and had one also upon waking this morning. Expansions seem to be getting better though since we are so close to being done (thank goodness!) One side of my appliance seems to be riding up onto one of my teeth and is making it very difficult to bite down flush without interference. I'm hoping by the end of expansion both sides will be in a position that is somewhat comfortable, since I have to live with it that way for the next few months!

So far I have been very lucky with my gap. As you can see from the pic my gap has remained almost unchanged for the past week. It has in fact actually gotten smaller, and is only 3mm now instead of 3.5mm. Since I only have 5 more turns of the key left I don't anticipate it getting too much bigger so that is a big plus! Seems that my teeth just want to say together! LOL... Lucky me!

Here are some new progress pictures of my palate. This is my palate on Day 1 and my palate now (Day 13) with 7mm of expansion. It is very noticable now how the arch has rounded out. I have noticed that my smile/midline is quite a bit off center now though. I know this will all be corrected pretty quickly once expansion stops but it is hard sometimes to get used to all the changes that are taking place, or rather just temporarily deal with them.

I feel like my face is still swollen a bit around my sinus area. While my doctor said this would gradually go away, I can see that it is wanting to hang around. I'm hoping it goes down more as we stop expanding, as my face just looks puffy to me, and I swear my nose looks bigger! I'm sure it is more me than anything else, but I'm ready to see my cheekbones again. Does that sound vain?


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