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Monday, March 20, 2006

Day 17/ Daily Headache Mystery Resolved!

Well I woke up this morning dead tired, pale as a ghost, with a splitting headache, a nice stuffy nose, puffy sinuses, and pressure. Yep, you guessed it I have a sinus infection. Bad timing of course, but this totally explains why my headaches have been getting increasingly worse rather than better each day, why I have not been sleeping well, and feeling so exhausted. Also why I had thought the swelling around my sinuses was not disappearing. I have had enough trouble with sinus infections to know how they affect me. I called my OS right away to see if he could call in a prescription for some Augmentin. I had actually been anticipating getting a sinus infection during this whole procedure as I haven't been able to use my sleep appliance or rubberbands at all.
I get sinus infections like crazy when my jaw recedes at night. It blocks my breathing passages and the fluids pool in the back of my throat and rear sinus area. The warm moist heat combined with the excess fluid, and small space, is the perfect incubation site for bacteria to flourish. Before I got my sleep appliance I literally had sinus infections almost monthly. After I got my mandibular advancement device (sleep appliance) I did not have one for over a year. Not until I got my braces and had to stop using my appliance on a regular basis.
Anyway suffice it to say that I'm not shocked or amazed that I have one right now. I'm taking the Augmentin and even after only two doses I'm starting to feel better so that is a plus. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be greatly improved. I plan to try and sleep with rubberbands tonight. Hopefully they won't make my jaws ache. If they do then I will just pop them off and onto my nightstand they will go :)

Expansion is going well, and almost finished! Two turns tomorrow, and one Wednesday and I will have survived the expansion process with only a 3mm gap! I have never had teeth that touched on the outside edge of my molars (they were always on the inside edges) I gotta tell you it feels a bit strange, but definitely better! Even with everything not aligned yet I'm liking it better!

Not much else to report, so I guess I will retire for the evening and hope that I'm amazingly transformed tomorrow, that my gap has completely disappeared, and that I can see glimpses of the fashion model smile I'm so hoping for! LOL...


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