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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Day 21/ C-Flex Is The Pit's

OMG I don't see how people use this machine! It is just awful! I used this machine Thursday night to give it another try, after 4 hours of waking pretty much every hour on the hour, I shut the machine off and went back to using my rubberbands. The machine's mask is just making me nuts. I don't mind the forced air and can actually sleep with it just fine, it is the bloody mask I can't get used to. I'm a rather light sleeper anyway and every time I turn or even move the mask moves. It then breaks the air seal and I hear air blowing out of the mask and have to wake up to adjust it. This happens every time I move even in the slightest. I tried making the mask tighter to see if that would help, but it only made my face feel like someone was pressing on it all night! I was so tired yesterday! I think I got about 5 hours of sleep all night. I did use the rubberbands, however, I woke up because they were making my teeth ache and had to take them off also. Not a good sleep night at all for me! :(

Went to the gym today and had a great workout. I Think that was the only thing that kept me awake for the rest of the day!

My mouth is rather sore and sort of irritated from the big steak dinner we had last night. When I bite down I can still feel my palate is loose. My RPE is starting to settle into its resting place though, and I think the constant chewing/biting motions are forcing the molars that were tipping out to come back into alignment a bit. I still notice a lot of tipping on my left second molar, but the one on the right feels much flatter when I chew now. I'm starting to get some feeling back in a few of the teeth on my upper left side so that is a big plus, and my diastema (gap) continues to decrease although it is doing so rather slowly and incrementally now.

Tonight I had my first real experience in a social setting since my surgery 3 weeks ago. Thank GOODNESS! I ate something before we went! There was literally nothing they had at this party that I could eat in a socially acceptable way. Nothing! There were 3 kinds of chips, some kind of sandwich rolls, crackers, little cream puffs. Tons of food, all either too hard either in texture, or to break up into little pieces, or too soft and sticky to eat politely. I really wanted some cake, but they were taking forever to cut it and we wanted to go see a movie so we left before they got to that part. I ended up at the movie theatre eating a plain hotdog, and a container of those little ice cream "dipps." Not exactly healthy I know, but at that point I was ravenously hungry and didn't really care, AND.. after working out and not eating much before we left, I think that hotdog was quite possibly the best one I've ever had in my life! LOL.... The moral of this story before you go or be sure and bring something that you can eat.

Tonight I'm really tired and I'm not going to bother with the C-flex machine. I will use my rubberbands and hope that sheer exhaustion will take over and I will just sleep! Wish me luck!


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