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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Day 20/ Free From Expansion/ C-Flex Update

Well today was the first day I did not have to expand since my SARPE. I gotta tell you that it was awesome to not have to turn that key! I didn't have a headache today. I can feel my gap starting to close a bit more, It is down to 1.5mm now and it gets a bit tingly throughout the day, but for the most part it was a nice relief to not have to worry about anything other than just existing today.

We went to dinner at a nice restaurant tonight. I manage to eat a bread roll, some salad, rice pilaf and an 8oz filet mignon steak. It was so good! and the most I have eaten in a long time. Afterwards my mouth was pretty sore though. The prong on the right side of my RPE is sitting on top of my bicupid. I have been trying to push it down with my teeth, but it is not working and makes my molar band that is connected to the appliance hurt. The prong bangs against my tooth when I chew and is uncomfortable. I'm going to ask my OD if there is something he can do to fix it on Monday when I go in.

Last night I used the C-Flex machine for the first time. It was ok, I guess. I lasted about 3 hours with it before I had to take it off. I'm going to have to continue testing it out to make a definitive decision regarding it. It is very difficult to sleep with stuff strapped to your face, as well as a hose attached to it. Now I have adapted to this beast in my mouth so I'm sure if given enough time, maybe I can adapt to this contraption also. At the moment,however,it doesn't seem like anything I really want to get used to. Here is a picture of it.

Basically you fill the front tank with water which it warms to create moist air flow, then you put the mask on your face and turn the machine on. It basically forces a steady stream of air through your sinuses to keep your airways open. I know this machine is a lifesaver for many people and I'm not trying to knock its functionality. I totally know what it is like to not be able to get a goodnights sleep. I'm just not really liking it for myself, and truly it is making me more and more sure that this whole SARPE, Orthodontia, and lower jaw surgery thing is the way to go for me. I don't want to be hooked to a machine, or have to wear a dental appliance everynight for the rest of my life to sleep. I just want to go to bed like a regular person again and sleep peacefully. It just makes me more determined to see this all through til the end.


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