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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Day 25/ OMG The Pain Is So Worth It!

Well I have to post some pictures as I'm so excited! My Ortho put in a new archwire and two springs yesterday to separate a couple of my lower teeth. This was done so the one tooth hiding in back of these two could be pulled forward. I can't believe how much my teeth have moved in only one day! Look how far that middle tooth has moved! It's almost in line with the others in less than a 24 hour period!

Now with that being said, I have to tell you these little springy things...hurt like heck! My teeth are super sensitive, killing me in fact! BUT....I'm happy about it and it is certainly not that bothersome once you see how its working! Motrin helps a lot. So I just take a couple of them, and call it good!

Last night I tried the new C-Flex set up and it was a NO GO! I've decided that it is not for me, I just can't handle all of the noise and discomfort. Since having my SARPE I have noticed that my breathing passages are clearer and appear to be wider. I'm guessing this is due to the extra space we obtained with the procedure. I slept without rubberbands, or the machine last night, and while I didn't get enough sleep, I did sleep pretty well, so I'm going to try a few days of just sleeping on my own and see what happens. I know that my airways are still semi obstructed, I can feel it when I lay on my back, but it doesn't seem near as bad so I'm going to experiment a little bit and check it out!

Other than this, today was pretty uneventful. My tongue is still getting very irritated by the appliance after about 1/2 a day of speaking. Today I actually had red track like marks on it! The RPE was really bothering me so I covered it in wax. It felt much better but my speech was much worse after that! It's a no win situation I think, but tomorrow I'm going to start with wax in the morning and wear it all day to see if that helps. For whatever reason my tongue can't just leave the appliance alone. It is like there is a magnet in it that holds my tongue on top of it. I have to intentionally move it away from it and hold it there. As soon as I'm not deliberatly keeping it off the RPE it goes right back onto it, even if it is so sore it feels raw. It is very strange!


  • At 6:07 AM, Blogger Amy said…

    Hey Brandy,
    Isn't it great to see your teeth move so fast. I totally understand what you are going through with the expander. My tongue constantly was pushing on it - almost like I was subconciously trying to push it out of my mouth. My tounge would be so sore, eating was a pain and unfortunately never got better and of course the dreaded lisp.

    You can actually forget you have the TPA in your mouth. No lisp as it sits high in your arch. Your tongue gets a break and food, even though it gets stuck you can push it out.

    I would like to exchange email some time if its OK with you. Let me know.


  • At 7:08 AM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said…

    Hey Amy,
    Thanks for replying. Glad to know I'm not the only one who has had issues dealing with RPE. What you described is exactly what is going on. My poor tongues is killing me. I keep trying to put wax on it, but it just melts into the grooves in the back and continues to scrape my tongue. It is so unpleasant, but mostly just irritating!

    Feel free to email me anytime, or IM me. I have my email etc under my profile. I would love to gab with you over email, its easier than these messages! LOL...

    Have a great day and thanks for the support!


  • At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Serena McElyea said…

    The brace did its work well and had your teeth aligned. And this happening in just a day is just awesome! Just bear with the slight bouts of pain and you'll do just fine. Remember to always keep it in check and make sure that your teeth, tongue, and throat are in tiptop shape.

  • At 5:49 AM, Anonymous Brendon Spaziani said…

    Judging from the photos, the dental braces you're wearing are really effective so far. I noticed that your tooth moved a bit forward in between the other two. It'll be perfect in a couple of days. =)


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