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Monday, March 27, 2006

Day 24/ There Is A God!

Today was sooooooo much better! Thank Goodness! I went to the ortho at 7:20 am this morning. He checked my expansion and said it looked great! We gained 9mm of space and therefore I don't need to expand anymore woo hooo! One of the prongs on my RPE was sitting on my tooth and hurting. My ortho used a tool to bend the prongs and made them a lot more comfortable, they then ran a wire through the key hole of my RPE, threaded it around a few times, twisted the ends together, and tucked it into the spring section of the appliance. This is so the appliance doesn't move or become unwound in anyway. I can already tell that this new little bit of wire protrusion is going to be more aggravation for my tongue though See pic below:

The very best part though was that my OD said he is only going to make me wear this RPE for 8 more weeks! I was so happy I could've kissed him! He said on my next appointment (May 22) he will take out the RPE and put in a TPA. A TPA is bascially a wire on the roof of my mouth attached to the molar bands. It is a lot less invasive and will hold the space he says without being so uncomfortable. I was ecstatic! Told him that he totally made my day as I thought I was going to have to wear this torture device for 4-6 months. He laughed and said "I'm not that mean!" He then asked if I wanted him to put a new power chain on my gap and close it up! I was like "NO WAY!, I'm not ready for that!" I told him that my diastema seems to be closing up nicely on its own, and that when I come back in 8 weeks if its not closed then he can put a chain on it. My front teeth are still way too sensitive to be chained, plus I haven't gotten over the pain of wearing that other one for those horrible three days. So.....Keep the DEVIL CHAINS away from me for now!

I then asked him about putting the springs on my lower teeth that he had mentioned on my previous visit. He said he was thinking of waiting til my next appointment, saying "They are going to make your teeth sore!" I said, "that's ok, that is 8 weeks of treatment time wasted if we wait" He said "if your sure, then ok, we will go ahead and put them on" So....with that being said, take a look at my new springs! LOL...
These are going to pull those two teeth apart so that the one hiding in the back can move forward. It is now 8:05 pm and I can safely say, that my teeth are rather tender. Nothing a little ibuprofen won't fix but they are sore, and I anticipate by tomorrow morning things are going to be very ouchey (is that a word?)

I also went back to the sleep lab today and got a new mask set up for my C-flex machine. This one has just little nasal pillows that go into your nostrils and is a lot smaller and less cumbersome. I will be trying it out tonight. Cross your fingers it works as I'm just a walking zombie lately! I don't think I have slept more than 3 hour the past 4 nights. I so want to get a good nights sleep!

Eating is still a chore. I made some deep fried cod tonight and it was the best tasting fish I have ever had! Probably because I was like totally, completely, ravenously, hungry! Whatever the reason though it was so good and gave me a much needed protein boost.

Today was also my first full day back at work. It was good to be back and nice to be busy. Kept my mind off of the pain and the day flew by quickly. I did find after a few hours that my poor tongue was so sore from talking. I knew this was going to be my main challenge today as my job requires a lot of talking throughout the day. I think things will be much better as the week goes on, hopefully my tongue will adapt and if I get some sleep things will improve also. However, for the first day back it was good. Definitely 100% better than yesterday! (Cheers)


  • At 10:14 AM, Blogger Amy said…

    Woo Hoo on the TPA! It is soooooooooo much better than the dreaded expander. What great news!


  • At 11:12 AM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said…

    Yes Amy,
    I was so excited! I was going to ask him about this but i didn't even have to as he suggested it on his own! So glad to hear the TPA is much better. I can't wait to get this baby out of my mouth! I think I need to put a ticker on my blog counting down the days! LOL! BTW, if I haven't told you, your teeth are looking awesome! You must be so thrilled huh???



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