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Monday, April 10, 2006

Day 39/ Just Another Day in Raw Tongue Paradise :)

Not too much to report today. My tongue is still sore LOL! I just have to laugh about it otherwise I would be crying!

Talked with another girl today who is 7 months post op from lower jaw surgery. She and I have the same surgeon so I asked her a bunch of questions about the surgery and her results. She had nothing bad to say, and I found out that I will not have to stay in the hospital overnight! Also that our doctor uses drainage tubes in the incisions to help reduce swelling. She said she was very happy with her results and that she would do it again without hesitation, that she loves her new jawline. Also she said the swelling was bad for about 4 days but within two weeks her face was pretty much back to normal. She did say that she couldn't eat anything but liquids and blended foods for 6 weeks though,and she lost about 18lbs. I want to talk with my OS about that part of it, as he told me I would only be lightly banded and that I could eat soft foods immediately. She had her jaw moved back 5mm for an underbite problem. Mine will be moved forward for an overbite so I"m wondering if there is a huge difference in the procedure. I certainly wouldn't think so. Anyway it was nice to hear from someone else who has had it done. She is going to send me some pics hopefully so I can see what she looked like.


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