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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Day 42/ Be Careful What You Wish For! teeth hurt! Here is a new pic of my wire on my lowers (you can see the space the springs created previously.) Just last week that incisor tooth was hiding behind the ones next to it. Now it is way out in front with huge spaces on each side. Compare this pic to the one below from yesterday. In just a few hours you can already see a huge change in the arch. I can feel it bite is officially all out of whack again...lovely! If you look real close at each pic you can see the big difference in the wire size also.

Here is how my day went....I got to the Ortho this morning at 7:10 am with my darling son. It was time for his first adjustment. We arrived and I went back with him as I planned to ask the good dr. how much treatment time was left for him and what was still left for them to do. Well he says to me "How's that Gap doing?" I said "oh its coming along nicely, but now I'm getting a matching one on the bottom from these springs" He said "let me see" he leans over and takes a look see at my lower teeth. Then says..."oh yea those springs have definitely done their job, BUT we need to get them off right now!" "Hop in the chair and I will take them off" So...not being one to disagree with the dr, and since I was really not liking this lower gap, I jump up in the chair to be serviced, LOL... "So how have you been sleeping?" he asks I said "not very well!" He then asked me if I have been able to use the rubberbands and I said "no because with the springs on my lower teeth they have been too sensitive and they just hurt" He said "I'm going to take off those spring and I can hurry these lowers up and get them stabilized and then you will be able to go back to using the rubberbands with no discomfort" I'm like...ok...your the doctor. So he gets right to work pulling out the springs and says "wow, things are looking really great here, better than I had hoped!" I was thinking to myself, well that is great news. Next he comes back with this new archwire. He tells me that its some kind of heavy duty rectangular wire that is heat activated, and proceeds to put it into my brackets. OMG that sucker hurt when he was putting it in. It was thick, my teeth were very sensitive from all the spring action, and he was pushing pretty hard to get it into the bracket closures.

Check it out! See how thick it is? This pic really shows the space the springs made next to that tooth also.

So I had an all day conference to go to and was not expecting to get anything done to my teeth today. Suffice it to say that that my teeth were killing me from the second that wire went in, and it only got worse as my day progressed. They are really sore right now. I told him that the springs moved my teeth really fast and that within 24 hours they were all lined up like little soldiers. He said "mmm..very compliant teeth, that is good!" He wants me to come back as scheduled on the 22 of May. At which time he will take out my RPE and give me the TPA, and check on the progress of my lowers. After all of this was said and done, he worked on my son. LOL...
I felt sorta bad like I was taking up my sons appointment time, but hey...if the doctor wants to work on me when I'm not scheduled I'm not going to say no. The assistant replaced my sons archwires with stronger ones and the Dr. said that he still has a couple on the bottom that are rotated a bit and need to be pulled in a little more. I will ask next time we go in, how much more work is needed on him and when he can expect to be done. Basically...they placed his new archwires on and said they would see him in 8 weeks.

I didn't much notice my diastema bothering me today, but I think it was just cause I was loaded up on the Advil, and my lowers were hurting so much I didn't notice the pain on top. The rest of the day consisted of coming home and spackling the walls so we can try and paint this weekend.


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